What is a Vertical Band Saw?

Posted on Aug 14, 2020

Vertical Band Saw

Although many saws rely on manpower or take the form of circular saw blades, vertical band saws use small fixed saw blades on a flat surface to provide a stable and precise cutting surface.

The blade on the vertical band saw is a continuous saw with uniform tines on the outer edge of the blade. Most band saws have wheels connected by belts or chains, and each wheel rotates on the same plane. One of the wheels is powered, the other wheel rotates and moves the blade back and forth when opened.

The saw blade protrudes from a groove in the middle of the flat working surface of the assembly, thereby providing an area for sawing material.


What is a Vertical Band Saw Used For, and What Are Its Benefits?

There are many laws that can be used to cut large pieces of wood into small pieces. Vertical band saws can indeed achieve this in many situations, but they are mainly used for smaller detail cutting.

Wood products that require sawing curved and irregular shapes benefit from vertical band saws. The size and settings of the blade allow users to carefully and meticulously cut out any shape they want, and have an unparalleled smoothness on the edge.

With a vertical band saw, you can more easily add minimal curves and details to materials in a more controlled manner. The smooth operation of the blade can achieve smooth cutting without worrying that your material will be rounded due to the force of the blade.

If you are making furniture such as chairs and stools, a vertical band saw is a must. The operation of the saw will save you many hours and at the same time ensure a better cut.

Although vertical band saws are often associated with woodworking, they can also be used to cut metal and even by butchers to cut large pieces of meat.

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Vertical band saw can be used to cut complex shapes and angles

A vertical band saw, also known as a contour saw, keeps the blade path stationary as the workpiece moves along it. This type of saw can be used to cut complex shapes and angles. The part can be fed to the blade manually or by means of a support mechanism. This type of band saw for metal cutting is often equipped with a built-in welding machine. This not only allows the operator to repair broken blades or quickly produce new blades, but also allows you to deliberately cut the blade, guide it through the center of the part and re-weld to make internal cuts.These saws are often equipped with a built-in air blower that cools the blade and blows off shavings from the cutting area, ensuring good operator visibility. This type of saw is also built in woodworking version. The woodworking type is generally much lighter in design and does not include a power supply mechanism, coolant or welder.

Vertical band saws, also known as contour saws, perform metal removal work which save time and material. Large sheets and strips of material can be cut to size or shape without creating too many chips in a short time. Most materials, from wood and plastic to aluminum and steel, can be cut on both band saws in the store. Some metals require special band saws cut, so consult someone in the store before cutting steel or hardening Materials.

Band saws are often the most efficient metal removal machines in the store. Most materials, from wood and plastic to aluminum and steel, can be cut in two band saws in the store. Some metals require specific blades, so check with someone in the store before cutting steel or hardened materials.

Most stores will have one or both types of saws and / or a horizontal saw. The horizontal saw has the ability to rotate, so it can make cuts at an angle (angular). Basically, the horizontal saw is used for cutting steel and other hard materials, while the vertical band saw is used for soft plastics, wood and non-ferrous alloys. Always use the widest possible blade for the workpiece.

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