What Is Servo Motor Reducer?

Posted on Apr 30, 2021

Servo Motor Reducer

A servo motor reducer is a mechanical gadget that is designed for reducing the speed when power is transmitted in the moving system. The servo motor reducer can handle the input power source, and duplicate the torque while decreasing the speed for ideal output.

What Is a Servo Motor Reducer?

A servo motor reducer is a mechanical gadget that is designed for reducing the speed when power is transmitted in the moving system. Servo motor reducers are also known as speed reducers or precision gear reducers. The main goals of the servo motor reducer include reducing the input speed from the servo motors and multiplying the measure of torque, which the input from the power source creates, in order to expand the available work. The speed of the servo motor input can be regulated with this speed reducer and provide the outputs with the correct rate and torque. 

Servo motor reducers vary in shapes and dimensions, some of the most widely used servo motor reducers are gearboxes. It is common to see servo motor reducers applied in a wide variety of machines and manufacturing applications. For example, the MRI machines and medical appliances, surgical beds and tables, the food processing industry, the printing equipment and conveyor production lines, the vending and automatic welding machines, the window and office equipment manufacturing applications. 

How Does a Servo Motor Reducer Work?

A servo motor reducer can handle the input power source, and duplicate the torque while decreasing the speed for ideal output. The function of decreasing speed and increasing torque is available in the system since the output gear features more teeth than the input one. This feature makes the outer gear spin much slower and therefore the servo motor reducer can decrease the speed but increase the torque at the same time. 
The required amounts of torque are the most vital factor in the system of servo motor reducers. This represents the amounts of jobs that this device should perform. 

Despite the required torque can be determined relatively easily in most simple machinery, in some complex and sophisticated applications, it might be difficult when various other factors should be considered together. For example, in the operation, the resistance, friction, gravity, inertia, and other physical factors that will significantly affect the motions have to be considered in order to generate the proper amount of torque to accommodate them. When calculating enough torque for the servo motor reducer to increase, identifying the coefficient of friction as well as the inertia when accelerating and decelerating is essential.

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Different Types of Servo Motor Reducers

Selecting an appropriate servo motor speed reducer is not an easy task, because the maximum torque, the radial loads, and the speeds might not fit your needs at the same time in most cases. Better working factors that the speed reducer can provide means that the servo motor reducer can be utilized in a larger range of dynamic applications. Moreover, installation and maintenance are also important to lengthen the equipment life and optimize your operations with these gear reducers.
Servo motor reducers can be subdivided into the following types: pulleys, sprockets, gears, and friction drives. Among these mechanical speed reducing devices, the most common type is the gear drives and gearboxes, which are the electrical enclosed drive speed reducers. The gearboxes style of servo motor speed reducer comes in two kinds of configurations, which are the in-line type and the right-angle type. Both types can be mounted with various types of gearing. The application and specific requirements can define which servo motor reducer design will be the best choice.

● In-line: 

This style of gear train models typically consists of helical or spur gears, harmonic wave generators, cycloidal mechanisms, or planetary gears. With the planetary designs, the gearboxes can supply the highest nominal torque in the small device. On the other hand, the harmonic wave generators or cycloidal mechanisms type can provide high ratios in the compact configurations. Last but not least, the spur gears and helical gears provide similar efficiency but are rather cost-efficient.

● Right angle:

This type of enclosed drive speed-reducing gearboxes is generally made of bevel gears or worm gears, or the hybrid drive. Bevel gearing refers to gears that the axes of 2 shafts intersect with each other. The bearing faces of the bevel gears are conically shaped. In general, they are installed on the working shafts 90 degrees apart. In some cases, they can also perform the task at different angles. 
Bevel gearing servo motor reducer is greatly efficient. However, it has the upper limit of an effective function of decreasing the speed, which is approximately 6:1. 

On the other hand, the worm gearing is the gear arrangement where the screw form of gears meshes with the worm gear, which is spur gear alike. The elements are also known as the worm screw and the worm wheel respectively. The worm gearing design of the servo motor reducer is basically the most inexpensive solution for speed-reducing applications. However, they have a minimum 5:1 ratio in speed decreasing function and the efficiency gradually drops when the ratios rise. 

While selecting the servo motor speed reducer, the specifications should be identified to perfectly size and mount the equipment. Following are the factors that you need to consider prior to picking one in the catalog, including high torque, horsepower, efficiency as the ratio changes, service factors, mounting space and location,  connecting elements, and tool longevity. For some complex machinery, the amount and influence of backlash, rigidity, inertial masses, power transmission failure are also significant factors that should be taken seriously.

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