What is a Robot Coffee Barista?

Posted on Oct 27, 2020

Robot Barista

A robot barista is essentially a high-tech coffee maker and seller. Drinking coffee has become a habit for many people these days. 

The Overview

It is convenient for people to enter a café or a coffee stand to have a cup of coffee; however, for many people, to have a coffee robot barista at home to make their own coffee every morning has increasingly become a necessity. With an automated barista at home, people are able to have coffee right after they get up. It is more desirable not to go into a crowded café and line up with people just to get a cup of coffee.

The introduction of robotic coffee machines to the household enables the act of having coffee to be more accessible and more enjoyable for coffee drinkers. With a machine as such, people are also allowed to make their own blend of beverage with the options the robotic barista has and the coffee beans they get to use.

Speaking of the options that different robot solutions have, there are a wide variety of coffee machines as well as manufacturers on the market. The coffee machines have different features and options in order for the coffee tasters to choose the best machine to make their own cup of coffee.

Construction of a Robot Barista

The very basic and necessary components of a robotic coffee machine are the filter basket, the reservoir, the carafe, the switch to turn the machine on, and sometimes the grinder to grind the coffee beans. On the top of the machine, there is a small cabinet with a hole on the bottom.

The cabinet is there to fill with coffee beans and the hole is for the beans to fall for grinding or brewing. People can fill the container with the desired kinds of coffee beans in it. When the machine is turned on, the coffee beans inside the cabinet will slowly fall into the grinder through the hole.

After the beans are ground into powders, they will enter the filter basket. The water from the reservoir will be boiled by the machine and channeled into the filter basket with coffee powders. The coffee is brewed then and drips down through the filter basket to the carafe underneath. The filter basket on the robotic barista is always removable.

The user needs to take it out regularly to empty the used coffee powered. The more advanced coffee machines have the indicator or reminder on them. When the filter basket is full of coffee grounds, the reminder glows in red light or beep to tell the user it is time to empty the basket.

The high-end models have a computer system to hold control of more detailed preferences of brewing for the user and can make more kinds of coffee drinks. There can be a small fridge aside from the machine to store milk in order for the machine to make a cappuccino or coffee latte.


The Brew Size

With an automated barista, the coffee maker can decide how much coffee the machine is going to make. The machine can make the brew size from a standard cup to a whole bottle of coffee for the user. On some models, when the brew size is set, the determined amount of the coffee will drip down from the machine at a time.

It can be a standard coffee cup, a mug, or a carafe; the user needs to prepare the coffee container based on the set brew size. On some models, the brew size is set as in the cups of coffee the machine is going to give. For example, when the robot barista is set to give three cups of coffee, there will be three giving sessions with intervals in between.

In another word, the machine will give a cup of coffee and stop for seconds for the user to put another coffee cup under the tap for the next round until the set amount of cups are completed.


The Variety of Coffee the Machine Can Make

A barista robot with very basic features can only make Americano, the black coffee. However, with the more advanced and high-end coffee machine, the user can easily make more types of coffee such as latte, cappuccino, and macchiato, etc.

In addition to the variety of coffee drinks, the advanced coffee machines can brew, the user can adjust the settings to make the coffee more customized. For example, the number of coffee beans, water, milk, brewing time, and the brewing temperature can be adjusted. If the coffee drinker wants the bitterness of the coffee to be stronger or lighter, he or she can change the setting of coffee beans, brewing time, and water amount.

If the drinker wants the coffee latte to taste smoother, the machine can set to give an extra foam. The more advanced the robotic coffee maker, the more variety of coffee the machine can brew; yet, the cost of the machine is higher consequently.

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Ease of Use

To brew as many types of coffee as possible, it is expected that there are more buttons on the control panel and more steps to operate it. Though a cup of highly customized coffee is feasible with such a delicate machine, its use can sometimes be rather complicated.

If a coffee taster wants to enjoy the coffee without the hassle of operating such a machine, there are models with digital displays and instructions to minimize the complexity. With the digital display with a graphical interface, it becomes much simpler to adjust all the settings.

On top of that, the machine can record the personal settings so that next time when the coffee drinker wants the same coffee, it takes literally only one button to make it happen. Though the price of the machine that allows hands-off operation can be genuinely higher, it is still popular among the consumers because the quality, as well as the ease of use, is preserved by the machine at the same time.


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