What Is the DC Submersible Pump?

Posted on Oct 23, 2020

DC Submersible Pump

Submersible pumps are the pumping machines that are designed to submerge into liquids. The DC submersible pump refers to the submersible pumps that use the direct current electricity as the power source.

The DC submersible pumps as well as other types of submersible pumps look like a metal tube and their goal is to push the water to the surface. This type of pipe-look water pumps conceals the motor within the tube so that the liquid outside the pump does not get access to the electrical parts inside the pump.

The DC submersible pumps are versatile and can better accommodate with different working environments because they can be powered from a variety of independent DC power sources. The most common power sources for the DC submersible pumps are the solar modules, batteries, or generators. The DC submersible pumps with solar power supplies sometimes have a controller in order to enhance the current when the sunlight is low.


More Information on the Power Supply

Typically, the DC submersible pumps can operate on multiple volts of DC power such as 6V, 12V, 24V or 32V. There are some advantages of applying the direct current instead of the alternating current (AC). The first advantage is that the DC power system allows the submersible pumps to adapt to more power supply options such as batteries. It makes the machines portable and is more convenient to apply.

Also, the AC power system needs a controller to control the speed while the AC power system does not need such device. In most cases, the controller of the power system is only needed when the solar power modules are applied.

The DC submersible pumps are more energy efficient too; it takes less power to run a DC submersible pump than an AC model. However, there are limits to the DC machines as well. The DC submersible pumps have a shorter lifespan than the AC counterparts. Besides, though the DC machines are more energy efficient and easier to operate without a current controller, they tend to work in a rather lower speed and they are less powerful in pumping.


The Application of Submersible Pumps

The submersible pumps are applicable in multiple areas. For example, they can be used to pump sewage from the septic tanks and it is convenient because the pump deliver the sewage directly to tanks so that they can be transferred to treatment facilities and handled later on.

Secondly, they can be used both industrially and in buildings. Wherever there is too much unwanted water in a work site or when the basement of a building is flooded, the submersible pump can be applied to extract all the water out of the place easily.

The other common use of a submersible pump is for the oil wells. Whether it is an inland oil well or an offshore oil well, the submersible pump can pump out the oil from the ground and transfer it to the factory for further process. Some types of submersible pumps can also be used for drilling wells to a certain depth.

They are called the drilling pumps or borehole pumps. In addition to the industrial use, the submersible pumps can be used agriculturally as a part of the irrigation systems.

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What Are the Advantages of a Submersible Pump?

The main goal of a submersible pump is to pump out liquids from the ground or from places under the surface level. The submersible pumps are best for job because of several reasons. For one thing, the submersible pump keeps almost all the components within the pipe-like body; therefore, it does not take up much space.

In other words, the submersible pumps can work best in a confined environment comparing to other types of pumps. The submersible pumps connect directly to the storage tanks with pipes or hoses which also take up very limited space as well. As a result, they accommodate with most working environments possible.

The other quality that the submersible pumps have which again comes from the design is that it is the safest options to operate among all other types of water pumps. Since all the working parts of the machine is contained within the body and the whole body will be in the pit of the work site, there is not much of a chance that the user around the machine gets hurt when it is running. This feature alone makes the submersible pumps stand out and become widely accepted.

Once again, because all the components are carried inside the pump body and they operate under the water in most cases, they do not make loud noises. Or to be specific, the noises made while the machine is running are all blocked by the water and the case of the machine. What’s more, the simplicity of the mechanism makes this kind of water pump more effective when it comes to pumping out liquids from underground.

In addition to the safety, the efficiency and the quietness a submersible pump have, the maintenance of the machine is also quite easy. In fact, it does not require much maintenance because the working parts and electrical components are all protected inside the case of the machine, the small contaminants are not likely to enter the body and harm the machine.

Moreover, because the submersible pumps are working in water, they are cooled by the water when running and the machine can last longer with this style of operation.

The application of the DC submersible pumps is mainly in the so called dewatering operations and because of the design and the power supply that they work with, there are a lot of advantages to the use of them.

The primary advantage of a DC submersible water pump is its convenience and ease of operation because the mechanism of the pump is simple and the power system allows more portability to the machine. If the users are looking for a reliable yet compact water pump with multiple power supply options, the DC submersible pump may just be the right choice for them.


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