What Is a Pressure Pump for House?

Posted on Nov 30, 2020

Pressure Pump for House

A pressure pump is a machine used to pump water from the water tank to the bathroom, kitchen, garden, or any place that needs water. The pressure pump is also called the water tank pump or the pressure pump for the house.

There are plenty of different types of pressure pumps for houses on the market. The choice of the machines is based on the size and the area of the whole place. If the place is big, the pressure pump with greater force is needed and vice versa.

Besides using the water pump as a part of the water supply system in the house, the water pressure pump can also be used to evacuate the accumulated water in the basement after the flood. In general, there is more than one application of the water pressure pump for the house.


What to Look For When Choosing a Pressure Pump?

When choosing the pressure pump for house use, the primary consideration should always be the total distance from the pressure pump to the farthest water outlets and how much pressure the machine can give to deliver the water.

How Large Is the Area?

With greater space and area, the pressure pump needs a bigger size motor or engine to successfully push the water to all the water outlets in the house or to the lawns of the garden. So, before purchasing the water pumps, always take the measurement of the area that the machine is going to cover first.

How High Are the Water Outlets?

The other thing to consider is the height of the water outlets in the house. Typically, when it is a single-story house that applies the pressure pump, the highest level of the water outlet should be around the ceiling level, if the fire sprinkler system is introduced.

If it is a double-story house, the highest water outlets can be around 5 to 6 meters high. No matter how many stories the house has, the height measurement should also be taken. The higher the water outlets are, the stronger the water pressure is needed to pump the water all the way to the top outlets of the building.

How Quiet Is the Pump?

The quietness may be one of the most common requirements to choose a pressure pump for the house. A pressure tank may be needed to eliminate the noises that the water pump makes. A pump cover to the water pump can also be useful, but the airflow should be taken care or the machine can be overheated.

There are also water pump models that are claimed to make less noise. It is encouraged to consult the suppliers or manufacturers of the pressure pump for house use to choose the best machine for the house.


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What Are the Types of the Pressure Pump?

The types of pressure pumps for houses are categorized by the purpose they are applied and here are only some types of water pumps that are the most common for house use. The pressure pumps that are specifically for industrial use or for the workplace are not included here. The most common types of pressure pumps for houses are sump pumps, well pumps, submersible pumps, and water tank pumps. They all differ from each other with particular purposes.

Sump Pump

The sump pumps are the water pumps that pump the water away from the foundation or basement of the house where the water needs to be removed. When the sump pump works, it collects the water first and releases the water to a discharge pipe once the capacity is reached. This type of water pump is designed to channel away clean groundwater only. The pedestal pump is a conventional type of sump pump. It is a machine that works above the surface level, which means the pump, as well as the machine, is above and away from the water.

The use of this type of pump can get overheated sometimes. As a result, the maintenance of the machine is important. Also, this type of pump takes up a certain space, so it is usually placed or installed near the rooms which are most likely to accumulate water.

Submersible Pump

The submersible water pumps are actually a kind of sump pump, yet they are rather different from the pedestal pumps. The submersible pump looks like a pipe with the pump and all the components contained within the pump. It does not store the water. Instead, it is connected directly to the pipe so that it pumps out the water and delivers it through the pipe to a water tank. The water collector does not need to be close to the pumping site and the submersible pump is placed into the water as it works. Therefore, it takes up much less place than the regular sump pumps and it does not have the cooling issue as a pedestal pump does.

Well Pump

The well pumps are very similar to the conventional pressure pump for houses for they are taken as a part of the water supply system for houses as well. The well pump channels water from the underground water source into the houses. There are also a couple of subtypes of well pumps too. The shallow well pump is designed to extract water from the underground source within 25 feet to the ground level while there is a deep well pump working to channel water from 25 feet to around 100 feet away underneath the ground. Some deep well pumps can reach the water source that is 400 feet deep into the ground.

Water Tank Pump

The water tank, or the pressure tank, is used as a water reserve. When an emergency situation takes place, such as a power outage, the water tank works to replace the regular water supply systems. This type of pressure pump also helps to extend the lifespan of the water supply system for it shares the loading of the electrical components of the water pumps. The role of the water tank is more of an alternative when the regular solution goes down. The water tank stays silent when it is not used, but it can definitely be a very powerful backup whenever it is needed.


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