What Is the Water Pressure Booster Pump?

Posted on Nov 11, 2020

water pressure booster pump

A water pressure booster pump is a machine to increase the water pressure and volume so that the water can flow from the water tank to all the water outlets in a building in a faster and easier manner.

The water pressure booster pump is also called the water booster pump. To boost the water flow and the water pressure, the water booster pump gives pressure to the water so that it can move faster. Without the water pressure booster pump, the water pressure can be too low and the volume too small to be used.

It truly gets annoying when people want to take a shower or water the garden but find out the water flow is just not big and strong enough. The water pressure booster is there for such circumstances.


The Structure of a Water Pressure Booster Pump

Typically, the core components of a water booster pump are: a motor, the impellers, water inlet and outlet, and a pressure flow sensor. The body of a booster pump is mostly made of stainless steel. The water inlet and the water outlet of the water booster pumps are the front end and the terminal end of the machine which allows the water to enter the booster and finally come out of it.

The impellers are the main parts that increase the water pressure by spinning and compressing the water. The impellers in the machine need a motor to push. The mechanism that allows the water to enter the water pressure booster pump can be different from model to model, but the process to pressurize the water is similar.

After the water enters the machine through the inlet, it will be compressed by the motorized impellers. The impellers spin in a high speed in order to force the water out of the machine. The pressurized water then exits the machine through the outlet.

The pressure and flow sensing device tells how much pressure the water flow has when the water pass through the sensor. The sensing device is there to help control the pressure level; the pressure the machine gives can go higher or lower according to the actual need.

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What Is the Water Pressure and Water Flow Rate?

The water pressure is essentially the force that drives water from the water source into the water supply systems. The water pressure is mainly determined by the distance between the water source and the households and the relative level of them.

The closer the distance is between the source and the outlets, the greater the water pressure is; also, the higher the water source is to the households, the greater the water pressure is. On the other hand, the farther the distance is or the lower the source is, the lower the water pressure will be.

The water flow rate is also important. How fast the water flows is majorly depend on how wide or how narrow the pipes are. In addition, if the mains are connected with more pipes, the water flow rate will be slower.

Sometimes when there are too many pipes that are linked to one water source, not only the water flow rate will become slow, but there will not be sufficient water supply to all the households. The unit to measure the water flow rate is amount per minute.

For example, the normal water flow rate lies around 9 liters per minute and the numbers below 9 are taken as low water flow rate.

The normal water pressure in a household is supposed to be around 50 psi. The unit psi stands for pound-force per square inch and this unit is used to measure the water pressure.

If the average psi is lower than 40, chances are there is something wrong in the water supply system and normally no one is able to live with the water flow in such low pressure. There are several reasons that lead to the low water pressure and most of them can be fixed by a water pressure booster.

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What Affects the Water Pressure?

The prior factors that result in the low water pressure can be the distance from the water source to the water outlets and the gravity. The longer the distance is, the relatively low water pressure and flow it gets when the water comes out of the faucets.

The gravity is another major limit to the water pressure. If it is a one-story house, the water pressure might not be affected by the gravity that much; if it is a multi-story building we are talking about, the gravity will surely do some influence to slow the water flow and weaken the water pressure. The water pressure booster pump can just be the most effective solution in this case.

The water flow and water pressure can also be affected by the city water supply system or the water filtration system that is installed in the house. Typically, if the households locate in the outskirt area of a city or any location that is away from the local water plant, the water pressure is expected to be weakened during the travel all the way from the water plant to the households.

Besides, sometimes the additional water process systems are incorporated with the water supply system of the house. This can affect the water pressure as well.

In this case, what a pressure booster pump can do may be limited. The house owner may need to consider rearrange the whole water supply system to enhance the water pressure.

The water pressure and flow rate can be affected because of the need to add more rooms or outlets for the building. More water outlets suggest that the water supply is going to be shared and each outlet will hence end up with less water.

This circumstance does not take place very often but chances are the needs as such do exist. When this situation happens, the booster pumps can also be applied as the solution.


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