What Make Band Saw Superior Than Conventional Sawing?

Posted on Sep 13, 2019

Making Band Saw Superior Than Conventional Sawing

The build-up of the CNC band saw machine includes several key elements. There are falling mechanism, feeding mechanism, automatic saw and teeth. For the metal processing industry, dual column band saw is the most diverse type in the band saw inventory.

What make band saw process possible?

Some band saw machine manufacturers use rotating tables and X-axis to perform complex cutting, similar to the mechanism of milling machine and machining center. Pivoting band saws can also be an alternative, where the hinge is curved as the work piece advances.


Work piece feeding

Compared with hydraulic feed, gravity feed is more cost-effective. Most band saw design methods allow adjustment of cutting forces, such as movable counterweights, coil springs, hydraulic or pneumatic dampers (speed control valves). The hydraulic feed band saw is stable and efficient. It uses positive pressure hydraulic pistons to perform sawing work at variable pressure and rates. In addition, the automatic band saws have preset feed speed, return, descent, part feed and clamping functions. Take advantage of these modern functions in a production environment. Under such machine conditions, if one equipment operator is assigned to each saw, it will not be practical. Modern band saw tasks require that each operator can feed and unload many automatic band saws. Due to its CNC controlled function, the automatic band saws not only have faster cutting speed, but also higher precision.


Everlasting improvement

Since the advent of the band saw machine, it has been used and improved for several generations. Today it has become one of the most extensive machine tools on the market.


How to make band saw durable?

Band saws differ from circular sawing machine in that they are especially used for metal and wood processing. The horizontal band saw clamps the work piece while the saw blade swings downward through the cutting. Compared with circular saws, the main advantages of the band saw machine include the uniform cutting movement due to the uniformly distributed tooth load, and the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes.

Curve scale estimation is also important. The minimum curve radius that can be cut is determined by the width of the saw band and the curve. These advantages make the band saw machine unique and irreplaceable in the metal processing industry. Unlike band saw machines, circular saw machines use circular tools for sawing and therefore have excellent processing characteristics.



A circular saw is a powered saw that uses toothed or abrasive disc sets or saw blades to cut different materials through a rotational movement around the blade axis. In similar applications, hole saws and circular saws also use rotary motion, but are different from circular saws. Circular saws can also be used loosely for the saw blade itself.

The circular saw was invented in the late 18th century for agricultural use. By the middle of 19th century, circular sawing machines had been widely used in American sawmills. Circular saws are processing tools used to cut many materials, such as wood, masonry, plastic or metal. The circular saw machine can be hand-held or mounted on a fixed machine. Versatility is one of the main characteristics of this type of saw. Specifically, the term "circular saw" refers specifically to hand-held and bench saws, and at the same time, chop saws are also a conventional type of circular saws in the woodworking field.



In the past, people used their hands to control manual saw blades, so that the quality and precision of sawing often depended on personal technology, and the sawing tolerance was quite large. After the invention of machinery and motor technology, the sawing process, stability and final quality have been newly improved. At the same time, with the development of servo motor technology, the enhanced repeatability of machine tool processing has further created a new quality record. It is foreseeable that in the near future, whether it is a circular saw or a band saw, the sawing performance will be more stable and smooth.


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