What Make Band Sawing Machine Productive?

Posted on Aug 16, 2019

Making Band Sawing Machine Productive

In the field of metal and wood processing, a band sawing machine is also called bandsaw machine. The band sawing machine is a power-driven sawing machine with a long and sharp saw blade, which is composed of a continuous toothed metal cutting band and is used to cut a work piece.

What is a band sawing machine?

Today, band saws are used in metal processing and wood processing, but they can also be used to cut various hard materials with long body. The main advantages of the band saw machine include the uniform cutting movement due to its uniformly distributed tooth load, and the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes.


What makes a band sawing machine?

There are several key elements that compose a CNC band sawing machines. Although there are manual and NC band saw machines on the market, we will discuss the CNC control system category in this article. The four key elements are falling mechanism, feeding mechanism, automatic saws, and teeth.

In the field of metalworking, the double column band saw is the most sold type. Some band saw machine manufacturers use the additional rotary tables and X-axis to perform complex cutting, like the mechanism of milling machines and machining centers. In addition, the pivot band saw is also a popular alternative sawing solution. The hinge of the pivoting band saw cuts in an arc as the work piece advances.


Feeding of the workpiece

Compared with the hydraulic feeding mechanism, the gravity feeding is more cost-effective. During gravity feeding, the feed of the band saw falls below the weight. Most band saw design methods allow adjustment of cutting forces, such as a movable counterbalancing weight, a coil spring, hydraulic or pneumatic damper. The hydraulic feed band saw is stable and highly productive because these machines use positive pressure hydraulic pistons to advance the saw at variable pressure and rates, thereby increasing productivity.


Automatic band saws

The automatic band saw has functions of preset feeding rate, returning, falling, part feeding, and clamping systems, these functions effectively improve production conditions. Under such production conditions, it would be impractical to assign one operator for each sawing machine. In a modern factory, each operator is required to control as many automatic band saw machines as possible. The automatic band saw machine is based on CNC technology to make the cutting speed faster and more accurate, and then achieve excellent repeatability.


What are the applied sectors?

Due to the design structure, the band saw machine is good at sawing long materials, such as pipes or solid bars, and can achieve high precision. Therefore, the band saw machine is the critical workstation in most metal processing lines. Band saw machines are also widely used in various industries.


Circular sawing as a comparison

In the field of sawing machinery, circular sawing machines use circular tools for sawing procedures instead of using metal cutting band, which leads to different processing characteristics of circular sawing machines.

A conventional circular saw is a powered saw that uses a toothed or ground disc set or blade to cut different materials through a rotary motion that rotates around an arbor. Hole saws and ring saws also have rotary motion, but the sawing results are different from circular saws.


Automatic band saws

In the use of automated band saw machines, one operator can feed and unload several automatic cutting band saws, thereby achieving the goal of increasing productivity. Automatic band saw machines rely on digital control to make cutting faster, more precise, and even perform more complex bevel cutting. Based on these advantages, most modern metal cutting band saws are equipped with CNC controllers to meet today's needs of high production efficiency.


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