What to Expect from a Soft Drink Vending Machine?

Posted on Dec 29, 2020

Soft Drink Vending Machine

Some machines may provide hot and fresh coffee such as the automated barista, which acts as a lifesaver in the cold seasons, and others may offer cold drinks like the soft drink vending machine, which are especially popular in hot seasons.

What Is a Soft Drink Vending Machine? 

A soft drink vending machine also called a soda vending machine, is a kind of vending machine that sells soda, which is packaged as cans or bottles and refrigerated inside the machine.

The soft drink vending machines provide a solution for the limitation of time and location about the selling of cold drinks. Since they work 24/7 and can be set at many places such as offices, hotels, schools, gas stations, train stations, or airports, etc. This means that the customers are allowed to get cold drinks anytime and almost everywhere as long as they want.

There are a variety of vending machines that are available in so many places. They are designed as similar sizes and functions, which are like the same or a bit larger sizes as the refrigerators in our homes, and offer the products right after the payments are counted.

However, there are still some variations between different types of vending machines depending on the products they sell. Those products can vary from hot and cold food, cooked or ready-to-eat meals, and being fresh to be eaten in a few days or having long storage lives. These variations all make the vending machines different from one another.

For instance, the expiration date of the ingredients or the food itself would be different between the cooled or ready-to-eat meals. This indicates the maintaining and refilling time would be different accordingly.

As for the hot and cold food that is provided in the vending machines, the cans and bottles of beverage would definitely appear in our mind first. Among all of the types, the vending machines that sell hot and cold drinks are the most common.

Some machines may provide hot and fresh coffee such as the automated barista, which acts as a lifesaver in the cold seasons, and others may offer cold drinks like the soft drink vending machine, which are especially popular in hot seasons.

These machines are capable of benefiting both the manufacturers and the customers. For the former, if the vending machines are set at the high schools where stores or restaurants are less accessible, for example, the profits would be increased in a large amount.

For the latter, the customers are able to get the products, either food or drinks, without the requirements to order from the clerks and wait for the meals to be prepared or cooked, which brings the customers greater convenience than in the stores or restaurants.

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What Comprises a Soft Drink Vending Machine?

There are four main elements that comprise a soft drink vending machine, which provides the customers with easy access to the cold soft drinks they want, and they include the electric power supply, the machine, the soft drinks, and the refrigerating system.

Electric Power Supply

To operate a soft drink vending machine, the electric power supply is indispensable, since this machine consists of a computer-like system that counts for the payments that the customers insert, the refrigerating system that helps store the products, and the illumination system that provides a better view of the products for the customers.

In other words, the basis of operating a soft drink vending machine is the sufficient electric power supply. Without enough electric power, the machine is impossible to work as to how it supposed to.


The second important element is what draws the customers' attention right when they encounter this machine, which is the machine itself. This machine is made as a larger refrigerator but with additional features and functions more than just a refrigerator.

From the exterior, there would be a door where the products inside are visible, coin and bill inserting slots, several switches that are indicated as a series of numbers, and may or may not be a credit card acceptable interface.

From the interior, there would be a computer-like system that counts the payment that is gained from the customer, receives the messages of the choices the customers make, and send instructions to deliver the products to the customers, which all work automatically.

Soft Drinks

In addition to the place that presents what it sells, sufficient products are one of the elements for sure. In the soft drink vending machine, there should be sufficient storage of soft drinks, in order to prevent the shortage of the products when the customers need them.

Therefore, this machine requires staff to refill the soft drinks regularly, so as to make sure the customers can always get what they want.

Refrigerating System

To store sufficient soft drinks, the refrigerating system is the last but not least element. Although soft drinks tend to have long storage lives after undergoing some processes, they still need to be refrigerated to ensure the freshness of the products. 

In addition, what attracts the customers are the cold drinks, so it has a lot to do with the responsibility of the refrigerating system, which makes it one of the important things in this machine.

What Are the Advantages of a Soft Drink Vending Machine?

Quick Solution for Hot Weather

When it comes to soft drinks, it is related to the hot climate, as, in the hot climate, the requirements of cold drinks would considerably increase. With the convenient soft drink vending machine, the customers can cool themselves off in just a few minutes, which is a quick solution for the hot climate.

Relief with Low Cost

Compared to the beverage shops that are more and more normal almost everywhere, although not as fresh as the counterpart, the drinks that the soft drink vending machine sells are usually cheaper.

For most people, if they can get relief in a hot climate at a lower cost, why do they have to choose the beverage shops instead? That’s the reason why this machine is still popular from some perspectives.

No Time Limitation

This is the universal advantage among all types of vending machines. In a normal beverage shop, there would be the so-called business hours when the shop is open. Once the customers get to the shop after it has closed, they have no way to get their drinks.

In contrast, the soft drink vending machine opens 24 hours a day. As long as the storage of the soft drinks is not runoff, there is no limit about the time when the customers can get what they want from the machine.

Potential Problems that Occur with a Vending Machine

As there are two sides of the same coin, the advantages of this machine may be the drawbacks at the same time, which lead to the problems that the manufacturers or the customers may encounter.

For example, the automation of the selling process may malfunction. Sometimes when we insert the payment into the machine, we are not able to get the change that is supposed to be counted and turned back, which requires a lot of troublesome procedures to get our money back.

Furthermore, the maintaining and refilling matter as well. If the machine lacks regular maintaining of the refrigerating system, and refilling of the products, the customers would have no way to get the fresh and cold soft drinks when they want, which makes the opposite effects to what the machine is supposed to do so.

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