What to Know About Chip Vacuum Cleaners

Posted on Apr 29, 2021

Chip vacuum cleaner

a chip vacuum cleaner, an industrial vacuum or chip cleaner, is usually invested by metalworking shops not only to adhere to industry regulations but to also ensure the wellbeing of both the workplace and the workers.

What Is a Chip Vacuum Cleaner?

Chip vacuum cleaners are essential for industrial uses, and here is why. Metalworking shops, or any other industrial workplace, can produce a ton of waste product. Metal chips in particular are one of the more hazardous metallic wastes that can cause safety and efficiency issues. Metal chips take several forms, such as fillings, dust, or shavings, and they can pose a consistent threat to all that work in the metalworking shop. 

Also, metalworking shops often use oil during the metalworking process, and when these metal chips get covered in the oil, it can pose a safety hazard: a highly sticky waste product that clings to machines and manufactured products. This can potentially lead to an unsafe, dirty, and unsafe workplace, but also negatively affect the finished products.

In light of the above mentioned, a chip vacuum cleaner, an industrial vacuum or chip cleaner, is usually invested by metalworking shops not only to adhere to industry regulations but to also ensure the wellbeing of both the workplace and the workers. On a side note, the regular electronically operated all-around vacuum cleaners should not be used in an industrial environment, because the motors wear out quickly and the impellers can clog. Chip vacuum cleaners on the other hand have no movable parts that can wear out or break, allowing them to have longer lives. 

How Does a Chip Vacuum Cleaner Work?

Chip vacuum cleaners are industrial vacuum designed specifically to vacuum metal chips. They can create powerful air suction that vacuums woods, metal, and plastic chips into an ordinary drum. Chip vacuum cleaners are meant for occasional use for workshops that frequently produce dusty materials. Filter bags are often included to keep the surrounding air clean.

Chip vacuum cleaner utilizes systems that include a drum lid with a locking ring that fits an open-top drum. Within short notice, a chip vacuum cleaner can be removed and placed onto another drum easily to keep distinct materials separated for recycling purposes. Also, repeated heavy lifting and dumping of the chip vacuum cleaner tank is not necessary, because all metal chips are vacuumed directly into the drum.

Applications of Chip Vacuum Cleaners

Chip vacuum cleaners can be used in a wide range of industrial contexts, which includes CNC, lathes, saws, mills, drills, grinders, routers, molding machines, and absorbent pick-up. In a broader sense, chip vacuum cleaners are useful industrial vacuums that can be used in both large factories and small workshops. 

Take a small bakery shop as an example, chip vacuum cleaners can be used for the general cleaning of the bakery area and waste floor. Specific models with high temperature-resistant features even allow you to clean the inner part of an oven (including hot material waste and fine powder) up to 200 degrees.

Features and Benefits of Chip Vacuum Cleaners

There are a great many benefits for a chip vacuum cleaner, which include:

● No moving parts: 

Unlike the regular electronic vacuums, chip vacuum cleaners have no moving parts that will either wear out or break eventually. With this particular respect, chip vacuum cleaners are able to ensure superior longevity.

● Low cost: 

Despite being an industrial-use vacuum cleaner. Chip vacuum cleaners are actually very affordable from the perspectives of workshop and factory owners.

● No motors to wear out or clog: 

Unlike the regular electronic vacuums, chip vacuum cleaners do not have motors that can eventually wear out or clog even for prolonged use. 

● No electricity required: 

Chip vacuum cleaners do not require electricity to function. This means that they are less prone to spontaneous malfunctions, and you would have fewer burdens on your utility bills. 

● Much quieter: 

This may strike you with a surprise, but chip vacuum cleaners are in fact a lot quieter (by at least 50%) than the electronic counterparts.

● Powerful flow action: 

Chip vacuum cleaners have motors that generate substantially powerful direct flow so that even hard metal chips can be vacuumed with ease. 

● Very comfortable and light: 

Metal chip vacuum cleaners are actually very compact and light, which makes them easy to transport and store. You can easily find models that weigh less than 15kg with the vacuum power intact in spite of the difference in weight.  

● Handles all types of chips: 

Chip vacuum cleaners are designed to vacuum all types of chips, even metal chips. Most chip vacuum cleaners are equipped with superb dust and liquid cleaning ability, with the capability of handling metal chips. They also prevent harmful particles from being blown into the air.

● Easy to maintain: 

The stainless steel tank and filter are both washable with water. A quality chip vacuum cleaner should be able to be maintained easily and safely. 

● Anti-tipping: 

Potential tipping of the drum or tank of the chip vacuum cleaners can pose a significant threat to the workplace and workers. Therefore, many chip vacuum cleaners are designed to have a stand (with wheels wide apart enough) large enough to hold a tank full of metal chips. This can make the vacuum cleaner stable and difficult to tip over.  

● Accessories compatibility: 

Another wonderful benefit of a chip vacuum cleaner is that it can be used in conjunction with complementary accessories to enhance functionality and productivity. For example, heat-resistant filters and accessories will allow the chip vacuum cleaners to clean an area that is substantially hot quickly and safely. 

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