What You Should Know about Submersible Motor Pumps?

Posted on Oct 6, 2020

Submersible Motor Pumps

A submersible motor pump is a pump that can be submerged fully into the water. The motor is hermetically sealed and closed-coupled to the body of the pump. In this article, we will show you the applications and advantages of it.

What is a Submersible Motor Pump?

A submersible motor pump is a pump that can be submerged fully into the water. The motor is hermetically sealed and closed-coupled to the body of the pump. A submersible motor pump is specifically driven by an asynchronous motor. Its motor and hydraulic component (pump casing, impeller, and diffuser element) are flooded by the fluid handled.

Submersible motor pumps are installed by being brought down to the pump sump along a guide wire or guide rail arrangement. The pump claw with an inserted rubber seal is attached to the pipping which is permanently installed in the pump sump. This allows the pump set to be fully flooded. The motor heat is dissipated by the motor housing to the fluid surrounding it.

Submersible motor pumps with submersible motors are ideal for operation at any installation depth. Submersible motor pumps can also have air-filled or oil-filled (less common) submersible motors which are constructed for low to medium installation depth of up to 80 meters.

In some cases, the submersible motors would only need to be partly or occasionally submerged in the fluid handled as the motor heat is dissipated to the fluid handled by heat conducting means and the atmosphere via the large surfaces of the motor housing by convection or forced air flows.

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Applications of Submersible Motor Pump

Submersible motor pumps are used for many applications. Single stage pumps are used for sewage pumping, drainage, slurry pumping and general industrial pumping. They are also widely used in pond filters. Moreover, multiple stage submersible motor pumps are normally lowered down a borehole and are typically used for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial abstraction, water wells and oil wells.

Other applications for submersible motor pumps include seawater handling, sewage treatment plans, firefighting, deep well and water well drilling, offshore drilling rigs, acritical lifts, mine dewatering, and irrigating system. Submersible motor pumps in electrical hazardous locations used for must be designed to prevent the ignition of liquid and vapors.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Submersible Motor Pumps

In this section, some of the benefits and drawbacks of submersible motor pumps are addressed. The key advantage of a submersible motor pump it never has to be primed due to the fact that it is already submerged in the fluid. Submersible motor pumps are also extremely efficient because they do not require a lot of energy to move water into the pump. The water is pushed into the submersible pump by water pressure, thereby saving a lot of the energy in the pump.

Furthermore, there is a broad selection of submersible pumps despite its lack of versatility. Some submersible motor pumps are able to handle solids while other excel in liquids. Submersible motor pumps are also quiet because they are submerged into the water most of the time; cavitation is never a problem as well because there is no “spike” in pressure when water goes through the pump.

Lastly, submersible motor pumps have a long life expectancy which lasts for about 10 to 15 years on average. Some may last shorter based on the design. Life expectancy of submersible motor pumps is depended on many factors, such as the quality of the pump, how often the pump is run, and the electrical supply of the pump.

There are however some drawbacks with submersible motor pumps, and a few of them have much to do with the seal. First and foremost, the seals can be corroded as time goes. When corrosion happens, water gets into the motor, rendering it useless until it is repaired. Also, the seal makes it difficult to get into the submersible motor pump for repairs.

The other key downside is the fact that one submersible motor pump does not accommodate all uses. A single stage pump is used for most light and home industrial pump. This entails aquarium filters, sewage pumping, or sump pumps for drainage. On the other hand, a multiple stage pump is used for underground operations, such as water wells or oil wells. Also, pumps are limited in a way that it only works with thin liquid like water, or thick liquid like sewage.

Regardless of which type of submersible pumps you use, they should be used with caution. Always keep in mind that submersible motor pumps must be fully submerged into the water because the water around the pump actually helps cool off the motor. If a submersible motor pump is not used in the water, it can overheat.

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How to Prevent a Potential Burn Out?

Knowing how to take care of your submersible pump to prevent a possible burn out is very important. A burn out means the pump completely dies out and stops functioning. The common cause is due to users frequenting turning it on and off. To avoid burn out, make sure all electrical connections are working properly and the pump is installed properly.

The pump running dry is also another possible cause of burn out as submersible pumps are designed to be around water to cool off the motor. Therefore, Make sure the pump is submersed in water at all times during warm weather and store it properly during winter weather to increase overall performance.

Last but not least, a pump burn out is often attributed to subpar quality of submersible pumps; some pumps are just not built for longevity because water can deposits can easily seep into the motor, rendering it useless. Acquiring a higher quality submersible pump will often allow the submersible pump to withstand the water and deposits that seep in, thereby increase the longevity of the pump.


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