When Shall I Choose a Band Saw Rather Than a Circular Saw?

Posted on Sep 27, 2019

Choosing a Band Saw Rather Than a Circular Saw

When shall I choose a band saw rather than a circular saw? - For conventional users in sawing demands, it is a question that is repeatedly asked: When shall I choose a band saw rather than a circular saw instead? Practically speaking, it shall be based on what and how a work piece is going to be cut and to be used. It is obvious that making a wrong choice would cause compromise of productivity and the plants’ long term development would face severe difficulties.

Band saw machines are widely used in various fields. Band saws are commonly used in metal processing and wood processing, but can also be used to cut a variety of other materials. Compared with saws using circular tool, which is circular saw, the main advantages of the band saw machine include the uniform cutting movement due to the uniformly distributed tooth load, and the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes like a jig saw.


In the old days

A few decades ago, when there was no such decisive technological advancement in the industry, it was very simple to choose between a circular saw and a band saw because the two sawing machine types differed greatly in quality output.

Manufacturers who need mass production usually choose circular cold saws. If there are no particularly strict tolerance requirements, then a lower-priced band saw may be sufficient. Due to technological advancements, the functional differences between circular saws and band saws have become quite blurred.


Major characteristics of band sawing


Band sawing machines are sawing equipment produced for industrial metal cutting tasks, so here are some metalworking applications.

It can be used for very long work piece cutting tasks, such as steel tubes for construction or bars for machinery. Band saws have both vertical and horizontal designs, each with different advantages. By definition, band saw is also called band sawing machine. This is a power-driven sawing machine with long and sharp bandsaw blades that consist of a continuous toothed metal band stretched between the wheels to cut the work piece.


Industrial trends

The use of band saws is particularly in metal and wood processing, but they can also be used to cut various other hard materials with elongated bodies. The main feature of the band saw machine is that it achieves a uniform cutting movement due to its uniformly distributed tooth load on bandsaw blades and can cut irregular or curved shapes.


Several elements those are fundamental

A well made CNC band saw machine is composed of several key elements, including falling mechanism, feeding mechanism and automatic saw.

For the metalworking industry, the double-column band saw is the most machine type in the band saw inventory. Some manufacturers use rotating tables and X-axis to perform complex cutting, just like the milling machine and machining center.

Compared with hydraulic feeding, gravity feeding is more cost-effective. Most band saw design methods allow adjustment of cutting forces, such as movable counterbalancing weight, a coil spring, or a hydraulic or pneumatic damper (speed control valve).

The automatic band saw has functions of preset feeding rate, returning, falling, part feeding, and clamping. Take advantage of these modern functions in a production environment. Under such machine conditions, if one equipment operator is assigned to each saw, it will not be practical. Modern band saw tasks require that each operator can feed and unload many automatic band saw machines. Due to its CNC controlled function, the automatic band saw not only has faster cutting speed, but also has higher precision.



The invention of the band saw originated from a very old idea, which can be traced back to ancient African or Middle Eastern residents. During this period, people used some natural pieces for the sawing process. Although the band saw is an ancient structure, it is still very productive in mass production tasks. The good combination of saw bandwidth and sawing specifications can bring about the maximum cutting performance, not only faster than circular saws, but also faster than other metal cutting machines for pipe and bar materials. If higher precision is required for cutting, modern band saw machine designs already include inspection sensors that can make the band saw process more precise.


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