Where did Sawing Concept Originate From?

Posted on Oct 11, 2019

Where did Sawing Concept Originate From

Historically, saws were originally jagged natural objects, such as shark teeth, and were used daily. In ancient Egyptian history, frameless saws made of copper were recorded as early as 3100 BC.

Where was the sawing concept came from?

At that time, saws were used to cut various materials. Many different types of saws have appeared in history, most of them are made of natural materials. Later, craftsmen began to make saws from bronze and iron. In the Iron Age, frame saws were further invented to keep the saw blades tensioned.

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Composition of a modern saw

Today, sawing machines are artificial tools consisting of hard saw teeth, a wire structure or a saw chain with hard tooth edges. Sawing machines are used to cut materials, which used to be wood, but now metal and stone. Sawing is carried out by leaning the jagged edges against the target material and continuously moving forward.


The driving force of a saw

The driving force of sawing machine changes from time to time. It was initially driven by human power, and may also be powered by natural resources such as steam and water. With the development of technology, the source of sawing power can be electricity or other power sources. In addition to traditional sawing machines, there is another type of saw called an abrasive saw, which has a powered circular blade. Abrasive saw blades are designed to cut through metal or ceramics and have a higher accuracy than band sawing.


Band saw development

Skilled technicians who know these two methods of sawing machines have also used them in various metal workings, and the results and feedback tell people about this difference. The traditional sawing machines evolved into band saws, while the abrasive sawing machines evolved into circular sawing machines.

The structure of the CNC band saws consist of several key elements. There are falling mechanism, feeding mechanism, automatic saw and teeth. For the metalworking industry, the double-column band sawing machine is the most machine type in the band saw inventory. Some manufacturers use rotating tables and X-axis to perform complex cutting, just like the milling machine and machining center. In other cases, pivot band sawing machine is an alternative, where the hinge advances in an arc throughout the sawing process.

Compared with hydraulic feeding, gravity feeding is more cost-effective. Most band saws allow adjustment of cutting forces, such as movable counterbalancing weight, a coil spring, or a hydraulic or pneumatic damper (speed control valve). The hydraulic feeding band sawing machine is stable and efficient. It uses positive pressure hydraulic pistons to perform sawing work at variable pressure and rates.

The automatic band sawing machine has functions of preset feeding rate, returning, falling, part feeding, and clamping. Take advantage of these modern functions in a production environment. Under such machine conditions, if one equipment operator is assigned to each saw, it will not be practical.

Tasks of modern band saws require that each operator can feed and unload many automatic band saws. Due to its CNC controlled function, the automatic band saws not only have faster cutting speed, but also have higher precision.

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In this article, we introduced shark teeth as the origin of the concept of sawing as a natural resource, and in fact, the REAL resources that drive all the tools to be innovated come from market needs deeply rooted in our daily work. Life, it has enabled humans to drive and activate various technological innovations. Therefore, it is foreseeable that with the new industrial revolution taking place in the 21st century, a new model of sawing machine is about to produced and all processing problems encountered by existing band saws are solved through modern technology and tools. With the addition of new technologies, human society has adapted to new market demands, and this is the real driving force behind the advancement of industry.


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