Why Do You Need a Beverage Robot?

Posted on Apr 16, 2021

Beverage Robot

A Beverage Robot, which is similar to the function and design of robotic baristas, consists of a mechanical manipulating robotic arm and shuttle which are designed for automating the actual drink mixing and making process to offer unlimited beverage products without human workers.

What Is a Beverage Robot?

A beverage robot, which is similar to the function and design of robotic baristas, consists of a mechanical manipulating robotic arm and shuttle which are designed for automating the actual drink mixing and making process to offer unlimited beverage products without human workers. Robotic arms are the upper limb-like devices that are extremely flexible in use when adding different technologies and accessories to incorporate with or replace the gripper part. 

Originally, industrial robot arms were invented and developed to optimize the operations like tool changing, product removing and collecting, tool and workpiece moving, and so on. With the robotic arms, which are also known as take-out robots or traverse robotic arms, different stages of the secondary operations can be accurately and conveniently completed, saving considerable time for the users. Some common applications for industrial robot arms include taking out the plastic molded parts as well as the sprue from the molding machines. Typically, the robotic arms work under the control of the servo motor, therefore the motion on the axes can be consistent.

With the rising no-contact technologies and the influence of the pandemic, beverage robots that employ multiple nozzles, blenders, mixing and brewing equipment become increasingly popular in the beverage industry over the world. More and more restaurant and beverage shops and brands are looking forward to integrating with the technology. Although there are different sorts of automatic beverage and coffee robots today, they have universal goals, which are efficient and perfect drink mixing and serving.

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Structure of Beverage Robot

The beverage robot consists of a station that contains the robotic arms that work on 2 or up to 6 axes, the surrounding mixing and drinks-making equipment, and some important accessories like drink dispenser, blender, rinsing device, temperature control element, and more. 

Typically, the beverage robot arm is located at the center of the station which is surrounded by these devices and accessories. In front of the beverage robot, the customers can order the drinks via online platforms, apps, or the display panels outside the station. Subsequently, their order will be served in a short period of time. When it comes to the beverage-making process, the drink dispenser and blender are very vital for the performance of beverage robots and the quality of the products. 

● Ingredient Dispenser:

The automated drink dispenser is typically equipped with several independent nozzles that can dispense all kinds of liquid materials to customize the flavors. Some smart beverage robots have more than 10 nozzles to ensure the effective liquid dispensing process and to accommodate some unique ingredients like thicker, high viscosity drinks or liquids with pulp or fiber. The separate nozzles can prevent any contamination of different liquids to affect the flavor.

● Blender:

After the drinks are dispensed to the containers, the blender can automatically remove the bitterness of the tea and simulate the manual shaking motion but complete these operations extremely fast. With the special blender, the perfect foam can be created without a human worker, and the shaking motion only requires about 3 seconds to achieve in a beverage robot.

● Temperature Control:

When it comes to food and beverage, a clean environment and keeping the ingredients fresh are extremely important. The temperature monitoring and controlling system are required in a smart beverage robot to ensure the refreshing taste of drinks. Especially when the beverage robot also supplies juice ingredients.

● Rinsing System (Rinser):

The rinsing should provide efficient and effective washing for the blender cups after each use but saving the water usage as possible.

● Order Touchscreen:

On the display screen, there are menus for the customers to choose and order the customized drinks with desired size and sugar levels. The price, events like seasonal beverages, ingredients, and other information can be clearly delivered to the customers. The update of the drink menus can also be efficient in a beverage robot.

● Robotic Arm:

Working on multiple axes, the important components of a robotic arm include the gripper, the base, the arm parts, the linkage, and the motor. The bottom base supports the arm which consists of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, or can be divided into more parts depending on the designs. The linkage permits the upper portion of the beverage robot arm to operate without carrying the full weight of the motor. The gripper which can be added or incorporated with different accessories is powered by an electric motor. Adding a sensor or other tool-changing system can enhance the packaging, mixing, serving operations.

Why Do You Need a Beverage Robot?

In the beverage industry, the beverage robot provides reliable services. The equipment is advantageous for high performance, automated beverage making, and repeatability. When mixing the ingredients, the precision and consistency of the robotic arms translate to ideal services with intelligence, tailoring the flavor for individual tastes. When handling coffee, the robotic arm can effectively handle the grinder as well as the espresso machine. For tea products, the beverage robot can regulate the number of ingredients precisely and rapidly blend them to achieve the best services.

In addition, the investment of a beverage robot can significantly save the cost. Although the robot cannot have conversations with the customers, in general, beverage robots can serve the drinks anytime, 24 hours a day. The initial investment of a beverage robot is discouraging to some degree. However, a beverage robot needs no sick leaves, compensations, and break times. The availability at all times and numerous benefits of beverage robots can significantly reduce the payback period.

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