Why Should You Use a Robot Arm Coffee Maker?

Posted on Aug 19, 2021

Robot Arm Coffee Maker

What comes to your mind when you think of a coffee maker? Most people would say a barista who wears an apron and serves you a cup of coffee. However, there is a new trend in many chain coffee shops, they introduce the use of robot arm coffee makers. You may wonder what it is and how it manages to make coffee. Check this article and you will learn more.

What is a Robot Arm Coffee Maker?

A robot arm coffee maker helps people automatically make coffee with a mechanical manipulator. The appearance and functions of it are just like your upper arms. Back in the day, robotic arms were mostly used for industrial assembly. Now, with innovative ideas, merchants put robot arms into the coffee-making industry. With proper programming and brewing equipment, they can be used as robot arm coffee makers.

Robot Coffee Maker Changes the Industry

"What should I do with a robot barista?" This is a common question raised by a lot of people. Indeed, some may be afraid that our job will be replaced, but don’t forget the invention is to enhance productivity, not kicking people out of the industry. That said, it does change the way people work to some degree. In existing coffee shops with a coffee robot, the role of a human barista has shifted from coffee maker to customer advisor.

Smart Coffee Robot, Leader Automation

With a robot coffee maker, a barista becomes an onsite specialist. Whenever a customer has questions about the coffee, he/she can receive an immediate response. Shop owners will have more time to interact with customers and build up a relationship with them. Since all the repetitive works are taken by robots, the heavy workloads can be relieved. With humans and robots working together, while the robot provides efficiency and consistency, a human touch that connects the heart of the customers remains.

Why Use the Robot Coffee Maker?

Whether to invest in a robot-arm coffee maker or not is still debatable among cafe owners. Yet, here are four advantages the machine has that the owner can put into consideration.

Consistency ensures quality.

One of the advantages of a robot arm coffee maker is the consistent quality. With the correct setup of the robot, errors are less likely to occur. High precision and repeatability ensure high-standard coffee quality. When it comes to brewing coffee, consistent quality is always the most important. With the robot coffee maker, your customers will never have to worry about the coffee tasting off.

Coffee Robot Latte Art, Leader Automation

Versatility saves you more effort.

The robot usually features high-degree freedom of movement, which allows the robot arm to finish pretty much everything at the counter, such as filling the cup and handing the coffee over to customers. The versatility gives so much convenience and saves your energy.

Robot Barista, Leader Automation

Productivity does not replace human power.

Since repetitive works are taken care of by the robot coffee maker, baristas can spend time with customers and providing humane works. Shop owners get to communicate with the customer more often. The machine allows for more room for the human baristas to focus on the services, answering questions, solving problems, or even just chitchatting.

Profitability matters.

Coffee shops with robot baristas are more profitable than those without one. The reason is simple: robot baristas are more efficient in making coffee and saves more money. The productivity is high for the robot does not have to rest. It can work 24-7 and 7 days per week. The profitability only grows as time goes by. Although the initial investment in the equipment may seem expensive, the payoff is worth the investment.

Final Words

At the present time, the demand for robot baristas around the globe grows. More and more manufacturers join the competition. The scale of the industry is expected to expand as the production of the robot becomes mature. If you are seeking a future with running a cafe that provides good quality coffee and with minimal effort, take the robot arm coffee maker into consideration. It may just be your best partner in the business.

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