Why Should You Use a Robot Arm Coffee Maker?

Posted on Oct 29, 2020

robot arm coffee maker

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Robot Arm Coffee Makers Are the Future

What comes to your mind when you think of a coffee maker? Most people would say a barista wearing a uniform and serving coffee to you. However, there is a new trend in many chain coffee shops, they introduce the use of robot arm coffee makers. You may wonder, what is it and how can it make coffee? Here is the most comprehensive information for you.

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What Is It?

A robot arm coffee maker helps people automatically make coffee with a mechanical manipulator. The appearance and functions of it are just like your upper arms. Back in the days, robotic arms were mostly used for industrial assembly. Now, with innovative ideas, merchants put robot arms into coffee making industry. With proper programming and brewing equipment, they can be used as robot arm coffee makers.


What to Do With a Robot Maker?

“What should I do if there is a robot barista?” This is a common question raised by a lot of people. Indeed, some may wonder or afraid that our job will be replaced, but don’t forget the invention is used for enhancing productivity but not kicking us out from coffee making. Employees never have to worry about being replaced by robot arm coffee makers.

However, it does change the way people work. In existing coffee shops with coffee robot, the role of human barista has shifted from coffee maker to customer advisor. You don’t have to be busy making coffee and handling customers anymore. With a robot arm coffee maker, a barista becomes an onsite specialist. Whenever a customer has questions about the coffee, he/she can receive an immediate response. Shop owners will have more time to interact with customers and build up a relationship with them. Since all the repetitive works are taken by robots, the heavy workloads of employees can be relieved. With the combination of human power and machine, the perfect combo makes your business thrive and elevated to another level. Robot arm coffee maker provides efficiency and consistency while workers have a human touch that connects the heart of everyone visiting the store.


Top Reasons for Using Coffee Robot

Still, if you have any doubt about buying robot arm coffee makers for your store, here are four top reasons for having one.

  • Consistency ensures quality.
    One of the best qualities of a robot arm coffee maker is that it provides goods with stable quality and consistency. Once the program and brewing equipment are set correctly and nicely, there is no accident or mistake happening during its working hours.

    High precision and repeatability are what robots are good at. Just leave all the work to them, the quality of coffee can be ensured, and customers receive coffee of stable and fine brewing results. Likewise, when it comes to brewing coffee, precision and repeatability are always the most important things.

    With robot arm coffee makers, your customers will never have to worry about having a different taste. Picky customers are never an issue since a robot arm coffee maker gives the most stable coffee.
  • Versatility saves you more effort.
    Besides making coffee, a robot arm coffee maker functions just like human beings. With robot arms featuring up to 8 degrees of movement freedom, it enables dexterity that is comparable to your arms.

    Once it is fit to the coffee bar, a robot arm coffee maker can finish pretty much everything, like loading and grinding coffee beans, handling coffee machines, and even handing over drinks to customers.

    The versatility gives so much convenience and saves your energy. The future is here, why not join the new trend and become of the smartest barista today?
  • Productivity does not replace human power.
    Since repetitive works are replaced by robot arm coffee makers, you can spend more time with customers and providing artistic work. Besides your products, the connection between your coffee shop and your customers is another thing that attracts them. Robot arm coffee makers spare you more time to do small talk with your friends.

    The only thing you have to worry about is finding more interesting stories to share. Besides, the productivity of a robot arm coffee maker is so high that it doesn’t even have to rest.

    It can work for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. It saves your budgets and efforts on repetitive works.
  • The profitability is what matters.
    According to the latest research, coffee shops with a robot barista data are more profitable than those who don’t. The reason is simple: robot baristas are more efficient in making coffee and saves more money.

    This profitable advantage only grows as time goes by. From an employer’s perspective, there is no more they can ask for. Although the initial investment in the equipment may seem expensive, the payoff is great and guaranteed.

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What to Expect in the Future?

Since the demand for robot baristas grows rapidly around the world. Now, more and more manufacturers join the competition. It is expected that the cost and price of a coffee robot drop as the manufacturing skills develop.

The scale of the whole industry soars as well. According to research, the growing rate of manufacturers that produce robot barista is nearly 2 times more than last year.

However, if you wait until everything is all set, it may be too late to join the game. Winners always have an early prospect and make their moves quicker than others.

It is about time to face the coming future. A robot barista can be your best companion on the road to making profits.


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