High Pressure Die Casting Machine

High pressure die casting machines are modern high pressure die casting technology that can do precision casting of industrial items based on the high pressure. High pressure die casting machines are in the contrary to the gravity Die Casting measure, which is a permanent mold casting method in which the molten metal is poured from a vessel into the mold cavity for the die casting process, and the mold cavity fills with no force like the high pressure die casting machines do, and the filling of molten metal material can be controlled by tilting the die part only due to the gravity.

If compared with traditional gravity die casting process, high pressure die casting makes thin walls of the formed objects, and the results can be thinner for sure if compared to the walls made by gravity die casting machines. The faster speed of molten material poured into the die indicates that the folding is stronger and the turbulences happened inside the cavity could be minimized to a minimal extent.

No Air Trapped by High Pressure Die Casting Machines

With the high pressure die casting machine operation, there would be no air trapped issues like the gravity counterparts. At the same time, since the pour manner by gravity die casting machines are uniquely done, molten metal arrives in the mold that sand cores can be utilized to make internal voids, yet this is not feasible for pressure die casting. With less air trapped in the casting process of the gravity method, gravity die casting machines need less following heat treatment of the casted. 

Injection rather than Top Down Method

For the high pressure die casting machines, the molten metal is injected into the mold under considerable high and dense pressure values ranging from 1500 and 25400 PSI as their general pressure value standards. This high pressure of injection is maintained and kept firmly inside the mold cavity until the casting solidifies inside the mold. However, gravity die casting machine has no such mechanism to keep tense pressures for the materials, so the old method and the high pressure die casting method is basically the same though, but at the end, gravity die casting machine does not use pressure to finish the casting. High pressure die casting machines are able to make smooth surface and dense structure that is not able to achieve by the gravity effects.

The injection measure of high pressure die casting machines can do a lot better than gravity counterparts because injection method, compared with the top down molten materials poured and later bottom up filling, can be much more productive in the production lines. If compared with the gravity die casting machines, the automated high pressure die casting machines’ molten metal delivery of course would cost more expenses as well as techniques to settle the whole things, and due to many complicated technical issues, high pressure die casting machines’ molds need to be manufactured by hardened steel coupled with internal cooling channels to well dissipate the accumulated heat value, otherwise, the heat may cause unwanted effects during the processing. Similar things also happened to plastics injection molding procedures in that the dissipating mechanism plays important role to the overall injection quality. With this issue kept in mind, components of high pressure die casting machines are often not made of cast iron.

High Speed and Short Cycle Time

If the manufacturers consider for the long run production operation model, the high pressure die casting machine injected with pressured materials in a very quickly manner, and is coupled with the highly automated working mechanism is probably the better choice. The productivity and the overall circumstances can be controlled well under the automation control of the metal injection. So it is dependent on manufacturers’ needs rather than the discussion about whether the high pressure die casting machine is better than the gravitational method. All the market oriented merchandise itself is based on the needs and supply and the cost performance ratio. Some manufacturers may use gravity die casting machine to run their trial casting at first, and then after they have made sure that all the setting of the casted work pieces are okay, they will shift from trial gravity die casting machine to productive high pressure die casting machine models.

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