Zinc Die Casting Machine

What Are Zinc Die Casting Machines?

A zinc die casting machine is the equipment used to perform high-pressure die casting of zinc alloy. It is also referred to as the hot chamber machine credited to the nature of zinc metals. The die casting process is one of the most versatile and efficient high-production methods that are capable of manufacturing robust, accurate, sophisticated, and highly ductile metal components; it is economical and promotes long die life.

Most die castings are made from non-ferrous metals and depending on the type of metal being cast, a hot chamber die casting machine or a cold chamber die casting machine is used. In the case of zinc die casting, a hot chamber unit that is capable of withstanding high pressure is used. In the remainder of this article, we’ll touch base on the fundamentals of zinc die casting and the unit used to carry it out – the hot chamber machines.

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines

The die casting process of zinc alloy is carried out in a hot chamber machine suitable to withstand high pressure. As a matter of fact, these machines are most often used for zinc amongst other high-ferrous metals, in addition to low melting point alloys that do not erode metal pots, cylinders, and plungers. The high-pressure withstanding nature of this unit also makes it the perfect equipment for magnesium alloys.

The injection mechanism of the hot chamber machine is immersed in molten metal in a furnace connected to the unit. As the plunger is lifted, a port opens to fill the cylinder with the molten metal. The molten metal is then forced through the nozzle into the die as the plunger moves down to seal the port. When the metal is solidified, the plunger is withdrawn, and the die opens, allowing the casting to be ejected.

The hot chamber units operate in rapid succession. Cycle times vary from less than a second to thirty seconds depending on the weight of the components. Castings of several pounds will have relatively long cycle times. During the process, dies are filled fairly quickly, which normally spans from five to forty milliseconds, while metal is injected at high varying pressures. Fortunately, the advancement of die casting technology has enabled better control over these values, leading to finer detail, high strength, and close tolerance castings.

Advantages of Zinc Die Casting Machines

When compared with other types of casting processes, the superior production time for zinc die casting immediately comes to mind. Although most die casting processes are able to manufacture parts economically no matter the size and quantity, die casting production rates for zinc are much more rapid than aluminum or magnesium. Also, zinc alloys can be cast to closer tolerances than many other metals or molded plastic. 

Another major advantage of zinc die casting is that zinc has superior casting strength, fluidity, and stiffness which allows a thin-wall design to reduce weight and material cost. When all aspects of zinc alloy die casting are properly handled, including mold design, zinc component manufacturing, finishing, and packaging, greater flexibility can be achieved and fabrication cost can be minimized. Even the most complex design specifications can be converted into a finished product quickly and efficiently.

Applications of Zinc Die Casting Machines

Zinc die casting machines are frequently used for making parts in a variety of industries, with the automotive industry being the most popular one. In fact, the automotive industry is where die castings all started, and has heavily relied on zinc die casting to craft all types of car parts. The high strength property of zinc makes it the ideal solution and alternative to pressed, stamped, and fabricated components. Here are some of the common applications of zinc die cast parts: engine parts, aesthetic components, brake parts, power steering systems, fuel systems, housings, electronic devices, and air condition systems.

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