Portable Chamfering Machine Guide

A portable chamfering machine is small sized portable machinery that can process the cutting of transitional edge between two faces on an object. Sometimes chamfering is defined as a form of bevel, and it is often processed at a 45 degree angle between two adjoining right-angled faces. This process is frequently used in the industry.

Application of Portable Chamfering Machine

Chamfering machines are often used in metal machining, carpentry, furniture manufacturing, concrete formwork, printed circuit boards, and many specific angles processing in order to facilitate assembly of many mechanical engineering designs, rendering well designed structure as well as shapes and profiles. Application-wise, portable chamfering machines are usually utilized to facilitate the assembly of components that are designed for interference fit or to aid assembly for parts which are inserted by hands. As a result, some flexible materials such as fluid power seals would generally request for a shallower angle which is usually over 45 degrees.

Performance and benefits

During the chamfering machining, a chamfering machine is a slope cut at any right angle edge. That is, targets such as holes, the ends of rods, bolts, and pins. There are still some other targets, such as the corners of the lengthy edges of plates, or any other objects in which both surfaces contact at a sharp angle. In these cases, the processing of the chamfering process help ease the assembly procedure followed. Because after the chamfering, the insertion of the components such as bolts into the holds are better for the quality control. Today, many machine tool manufacturers tend to add some other functionality onto their machinery products. Some lathe machines may be equipped with the milling function, some milling machines may be designed with the drilling and tapping functions as well. So the added chamfering or rearranged chamfering functionality on other types of machine tools is often seen in the market.

Machine center development

The development of versatile machine tools becomes more and more urgent for manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, and 3C consumable markets. Portable chamfering machine is one of the most efficient ways of metalworking solution in the industry these days. Among all the classifications, there is traditional chamfering and portable chamfering machineries that are the most welcomed in the processing market. Besides, chamfering functionalities can also be equipped onto the working head of machining centers, so such edition also makes great leap in the multiple processing operation. Besides the single purpose machinery, machine centers are the most popular machine tool options for manufacturers with extensive processing tasks and multiple processing requirements. They are now also equipped with some other functions to make the processing more versatile. Machine centers designed with chamfering function are now very common and useful to manufacturers with various processing demands.

Working Head Versatility

There are mainly three types of construction methods that constitute a 5 axis machine. Many of these machining centers can do chamfering process due to their versatile working heads. In this article, we introduce them as below. The first one is the most powerful and useful swing head design. This type of working head alone is a type that is able to achieve most processing angles. This kind of machines is considered convenient as well as other 5 axis compositions, such as four plus one, and three plus two machining centers.

The composition of four plus one and three plus two with additional chamfering functionality is with more practical advantages considered. Engineers design this frame based on the existing three axis arrangement. Conventional machining centers are designed at least with three axes, namely, x, y, and z, and for both vertical and horizontal models, either one could be equipped with other axes in order to make the machine 5 axes. These models can proceed chamfering while they are doing conventional milling process. Portable chamfering machines need not to be carried to the production lines with this type of machines.

Economic Considerations

Some manufacturing plants may not have the budget for the versatile machining centers. Portable chamfering machines are hence preferred in these circumstances. The portable nature allows the portable chamfering machine to work everywhere by onsite workers. They can carry the portable machinery to different corners of the plant to do the chamfering for work piece angles with little budget needed, and the final processing output is the same compared to the machining center installed with chamfering functionality.

Based on this fact, we can say that the need for portable chamfering machine will not extinguish and the demands for this type of portable models will only carry on even if the manufacturers may have some other versatile models later, because no machineries can contain all kinds of machining features.

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