EDM Accessories

EDM accessories are the composing parts and components of EDM machines, such as cutting wire, driving motors, tanks, electronic devices, controlling system, column, axis, base parts, linear guide ways, etc. EDM accessories are mostly massively produced rather than custom made, because the coordination of these parts can be further modified and adjusted rather than a stiff frame. The great flexibility of the EDM processing is the main feature of the EDM technology, which was invented at the 20th century. Compared with other metal working techniques, the EDM technology can be considered as a relatively new metal working technology that makes a great technological leap in the history of metal working as well as human civilization.

Die Sinking EDM Accessories

Common users know about EDM and EDM accessories mostly due to the wire features that is so distinguished from other metal cutting machineries in the market. But there are still some other methods in the EDM inventory that exploit not wire but other means to cut.

Due sinking EDM is consisted of an electrode part and work piece part that are submerged in an insulating liquid such as oil or other dielectric fluids. These stuff are also the accessories for EDM machines. About the history of die sinking EDM and the accessories for EDM in this type, let’s go back early when two Russian scientists were tasked before the end of Second World War in the era of around 1940s to investigate the methods of preventing the erosion of tungsten electrical contacts due to sparking effects. Even though the two pioneering scientists failed in this task, their efforts contributed to the technology significantly. They did found that the erosion was more precisely controlled if the electrodes were under some specific circumstances and this inspired a lot to the following experiments in both the science and the industry. 

Drilling EDM Accessories

Drilling EDM machines are EDM based machinery that can achieve drilling tasks. In metalworking industry, drilling process made by conventional drilling tools may cause many chip issues and the overheat problems that are always the key issues that hinder the targeted precision and quality standards set by the mid end customers.

In the days of the 1940s, some professional industrial insiders started to study the application of some other methods to achieve this drilling goal, and the handy EDM was the solution that satisfied them at that time. During the EDM machining, the unwanted metal materials are removed from the work piece by a series of rapidly recurring current. Considering all the other components, one of the critical electrodes as accessory is called the tool electrode. Moreover, the EDM head designed specifically for the small hole drilling is installed on a wire cut machine basis, which permits nig hardened plates to have finished parts eroded from them as requested without pre-drilling tasks. 

Wire EDM Accessories 

The most commonly known and observed EDM, the wire EDM in the wire electrical discharge machining is abbreviated as WEDM. This method is also known as wire cut EDM. The most symbolic accessory of the wire EDM is a thin single-strand metal wire. The wire is usually of brass material, which is fed through the work piece and is submerged in a tank of dielectric fluid. The fluid is often the deionized water. The deionized water shall also be considered one of the EDM accessories here. Wire-cut EDM is often adopted to cut plates as thick as 30 cm. They can also make tools and dies from hard metals that are difficult to process by other traditional methods.

The market of EDM machines and the EDM accessories is so large that not only German based and Japan based companies have their own technological EDM advancements, but also some other companies in the East Asia they do hold many compact and smart innovative EDM technologies that can help customers and users to enjoy the whole working process as those innovations can bring the cutting procedures, drilling procedures, etc to be much more smooth with lower costs, achieving the best cost performance ratio among the work pieces and capital goods. Now it is expected that, with the smart manufacturing trend, the control of the EDM may be more computer oriented rather than CNC based, since the computer based can be modified largely, and the overall maintenance is much easier for the manufacturers in the manufacturing sites.

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