Industrial Air Filtration System

What is industrial air filtration system?

The industrial air filtration system is the application of industrial grade air purifier. What the system does is to clean the air which is contained in a specific area by filtering out the pollen, bacteria, dust, mold, and the particulate matters (PMs) in it. The application of the industrial air filtration system is indeed not limited to certain environments but also for workplaces, business sites, restaurants, malls, healthcare facilities as well as households. The systems that are going to be installed and run in these areas are different for they are expected to filter out specific substances and matters within those specific environments; therefore, there are various types of air filtration systems that are available on the market.

The way the air filtration systems work is quite similar. There are filters in the machine so that when the air passes through the machine, the particulate matters are trapped by the filters and the air coming out of the machine becomes clearer. The filters can be made of glass fibers, carbon fibers or other synthetic materials depended on what substances the machine is aimed to capture. If the aim is to trap particulate matters around the size of 0.3 to 10 microns, the glass fiber filters are needed. If the system is to remove the odors, then there must be carbon filters in the machine. The filters are disposable and need to be replaced periodically because the function gets weaker and weaker and eventually expired through time as they trap more and more substances in them.

The Industrial dust collector

The industrial dust collectors are one of the industrial air filtration systems that are installed mostly in factories and production lines which involve metal cutting or machining. A great amount of metal dust and shreds will be produced in environments as such and the removal of these shreds is necessary whether for maintaining the environment and the machines or for the health concerns for the staff members. The airborne tiny metal pieces can jeopardize the precision and accuracy to the machining process by leaving invisible scratches to the surface of the parts and drags down the yield rates. The pieces can also damage the respiratory system when people inhale the air with them. Most of these air filtration systems utilize the media filters which are about 4 to 5 inches thick and are efficient at trapping the metal dust. The dust collectors can be either floor mounted or ceiling mounted; some models are even in portable styles to accommodate with specific applications. The motor and air blower of the industrial air filtration system can be changed with strong output to meet the actual requirement of the environment.

The air filtration system for medical facilities

Typically, the more powerful the air blower of the industrial air filtration system is, the louder and noisier it is when the machine is running. However, when an air filtration system is applied in medical facilities such as hospitals or medical centers, how quiet the machine is able to remain has become the priority. In addition to the quietness, how effective the air filtration system is as in removing the pollutants in the air is equally essential. The machines that are made for the medical settings are equipped with dynamically balanced motors to make sure the machine runs smoothly without making audible noises. The system must also meet a higher standard of filtration because the size of the pollutants and the bacteria in the air is smaller than the metal shreds.

In order to decrease the risks of contamination and infections in such environments, the air filtration systems have to be HEPA filtration systems. HEPA filtration systems refer to high efficiency particulate air filtration. The HEPA filters are made of glass fibers with high density to trap the PMs that are scaled down to the size of 0.3 microns and they can filter out at least 99.97 percent of the PMs in the air which is ideal for the infection control. The replacement of the HEPA filters and the maintenance of the machine require extra care in order to prevent the exposure of the pollutants on the filters.

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