Industrial Air Purifier

What are industrial air purifiers?

The purpose of setting up industrial air purifiers is to remove solid particulates and dust in the working place. For improving air quality, the sturdy frames of the industrial air purifiers are filled with filter media that functions as a blocker to prevent potential leaks from the frame.

The industrial air purifiers have a filter above, which is mostly square. Still, there are other kinds of filters manufactured in different forms to conform to the real situation. For example, big filters, cartridge filters, and filter mats are used as a variation to fit different working settings.

However, since the awareness of health is growing, more and more facilities put their budget on improving air quality. That is why there are so many types of similar devices on the market. How can the customers choose the best one for themselves? Here are some facts about industrial air purifiers that can help customers to make better and smarter decisions. For further information, please read the following content.

Different types of industrial air purifiers

Here are four commonly seen air cleaners, including industrial air cleaner, ambient industrial purifiers, portable industrial air purifiers, and UV light air purifiers.

1. Industrial air cleaner
The design of industrial air cleaners is to filter out dust, potential contaminants, and airborne particulate from the target area. It is for improving air quality and giving better working settings for everyone, including employees and customers.

The recirculating units installed in the purifiers have powerful fans and filtration to filter industrial air. After purifying the industrial air, the air will be redistributed to the original place. By filtering the dust and other contaminants, the air quality is becoming better. Plus, all the units are high-quality, which can make the purifying process more efficient.

Here are few functions of the industrial air purifier:

a. Purify toxic fumes and particulates for the users.
b. Recirculate clean air back to improve the air quality of the environment.
c. Remove the hazardous contaminants produced during toxic experiments.
d. Trap the fumes and toxins within the filter and leave only clean and pure air into the working area.

2. Ambient industrial air purifiers
Ambient industrial air cleaner is highly efficient in cleaning and removing airborne dust, pollutants, and contaminants. The biggest advantage of it is that it does not need to install any external ducting. That is to say, the unit can conveniently remove dirty air without taking up any office/floor space. It is why ambient industrial air cleaner has become one of the most hot-selling products on the market. The cost of installing the device is lower than other devices.

Surely, there are variations provided by using applications. Light welding, sanding, buffing, and grinding applications can be chosen to add more functions to suit the customer’s requirement. Also, the application of this kind of industrial air purifier is suitable for the air cleaning process in environments such as public buildings, offices, and other commercial buildings.

3. Portable industrial air purifiers
It is a highly adaptable that features quietness and low power consumption. Usually, the portable industrial air purifiers are used in the settings where quietness is required, such as baby’s room and hospital units. This air cleaner has a powerful HEPA filtration media. The efficiency of air-purifying can be maximized up to 99.95% on micro particulates larger than 0.4 microns. Activated carbon filtration, as an additional application, works well in controlling organic chemicals. For sure, the combinations of the filters can be changed to suit the application.

4. UV light air purifiers
The design of UV light air cleaners is to utilize ultraviolet light to remove unwanted particulate. It surely shares the same responsibility as other air cleaners. By using UVGI technology, the UV light air cleaner works great for most working settings. It fits every customer’s requirements. The unique processing system significantly removes the unwanted particulates for the users. It provides another safer option that features quietness as well.

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