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For those who have been to Egypt, they must know the most prime tour site of Egypt is the pyramid. This magnificent structure never ceased to provoke awe and wonder from humans. One of the biggest mysteries of the pyramid is the technique of how to build them. Each pyramid is composed of thousands of stones which weighs several tons each. It is very hard to believe that the ancient who do not have the modern equipment, have found a way to build this spectacular tomb. One of the theory for how the pyramids are built is by the technique of rolling. The ancient cut down the trees, and used the rolling trunk to move the heavy stone. There is no way for us to verify the theory, but there is no doubt the rolling technique is proved vital to us. However, in order for the technique to function, we need to find a way to stop the friction between the part. Fortunately, the solution has been invented, the bearing. 


So what is bearing actually? A bearing is a device which can reduce the friction between the moving parts. It can also constrain the relative motion to only the desired motion. These days, the bearing possesses two main functions. Firstly, it has the ability to transfer the motion. Secondly, it can transmit the force if required. Depending on the design, some bearings can support free linear movement of the moving part. By controlling the vectors of the normal forces which are carried on the moving part, the bearing can also prevent a motion. Several parts are composed of the bearing. There are usually two rings that come with a raceway. There are also some rolling elements, which is an essential part for the bearing. The rolling elements can be either rollers or balls. There is also a cage which is to separate the rolling elements and guide them if required. 

Mini bearing

Let’s talk about the main discussion of today, the mini bearing. As its name implies, the mini bearing is also a type of bearing. Mini bearings can sometimes also be referred to as the instrument bearings or micro bearings. The application s of the mini bearing is versatile. They can be found in devices such as gyros, anemometers, flow meters, miniature gearboxes, small motors and radio controlled models. Several metals can be used to make the mini bearing. 

Chrome steel mini bearing

The most common material which is used for the ball bearings is the chrome steel.  The chrome steel comes with the advantages of high load capacity and the ability to keep the noise down. In terms of the effect of cost-effective, the chrome steel mini bearing is the top choice. However, the truth is most of the mini bearings are only made from stainless steel. That is due to the fact that they are not used in high load applications. Supplied with the steel retainer and the suitable type of lubricant, this can enhance the ability of the chrome steel bearings and help them to bear at the temperatures of 120°C constant or up to 150°C. The temperature should not go higher than 150 degrees. If so, the ability of the chrome steel will be greatly reduced. One of the downsides of the chrome steel mini bearings are that they are not suitable for use in the environment which is corrosive, as the steel is not corrosion resistant. 

Stainless steel mini bearing

The stainless steel min bearings are sometimes also called as instrument bearings or micro bearings. They can be found in various devices such as, the clocks, wind speed measuring instruments, medical instruments, and small drones. Due to the fact that most of the instrument applications are not designed to bear high load, the type of stainless steel which is mostly used to make the stainless steel mini bearing is the 440 grade stainless steel. Supplied with the steel retainer and the suitable type of lubricant, this can enhance the ability of the stainless steel bearings to bear the temperatures of 250°C constant or up to 300°C. It is possible to use the stainless steel bearings in the environment where it is slightly corrosive. But it is advised to store or keep the stainless steel mini bearing away from the substance such as seawater, and stronger acids or alkalis.

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