Backpack Leaf Blower

What is a leaf blower?

A leaf blower is a gardening tool that propels air out of a nozzle to move debris, leaves, and grass cuttings. Leaf blowers come in many different types, they are often designed as handheld devices . However, there are also backpack leaf blowers. The type of leaf blowers can be carried on a person’s back like a backpack.

The features of backpack leaf blowers

The backpack blowers provide significant amount of power, and they can move leaves around extremely quickly. They are suitable choices for large jobs. They are often used to clean up business parking lots, farms, and many other large areas. People who are using these backpack blowers usually wear some sorts of head gear, it is because of their loud noise. They are so loud that it is can actually harm one’s eardrums. 

The history of leaf blowers

In fact, the exact time of when the first leaf blower was used is unknown. What we know is that people start using leaf blowers to clean leaves, debris, and grass cuttings from their yards around 1950s. Therefore, the exact date of the first leaf blower and the appearance of the first leaf blower remained as a mystery. In the 19th century, the first leaf blowers was born somewhere in Japan, it was a large handheld bellow that was used to remove debris in the garden. It has no battery, no engine, only human force. And the first leaf blowers with the engine were invented either 1950 or 1970.

It is said that Dom Quinto created a modern leaf blower in1950. However, the first blower that Dom Quinto used was a machine for the use of chemical spraying. And there are some people believe that the first engine leaf blower was introduced in 1970, and was invented by Japanese. But no one knows which one is the truth, so it remained as a mystery.

Advantages of using a backpack leaf blower 

Although backpack blowers are more expensive than handheld blowers, they do have two appealing advantages.

Easy to use

In general, backpack leaf blowers have larger size than hand held leaf blowers. But while you are using backpack blowers, you never really feel or being bothered by the extra weight. Backpack blowers even feel lighter than hand held blowers because the former’s weight is distributed across the back and our legs. And hand held blowers cause a lot of pressure on our arms after using for a while. Therefore, backpack leaf blowers are actually easy to use and labor-saving devices for people who want to clean up a larger area.

Equipped with more power

Backpack leaf blowers have larger size than hand held blowers, so there are more rooms for designing of backpack blowers. The larger size of a backpack blower allows a more powerful engine to fit into the device and the air flow is more efficiently. As a result, clearing up the same patch of land with a backpack leaf blowers is much faster than using a hand held one. With a back pack leaf blowers, you can spend less time on clearing out leaves.

Things to consider while purchasing a leaf blower

There are several factors should be taken into account while buying a leaf blower. The feature of each leaf blower is different, so it is quite important to purchase a selection that meets your need.

Motor strength

It is important to look at the airflow miles per hour a leaf blower can output. The numbers allow you to compare the motor strength to other type of leaf blowers. The higher the number is, the more powerful the leaf blower is going to be. However, the price will definitely higher. Considering about how powerful you need your leaf blower to be, and choose the one that is powerful enough to clear out the area that you wish.


A backpack blower needs to be carried on your back, so choose a leaf blower that you can afford is also important factor. Some people buy those powerful leaf blowers without considering their weight, and it becomes an embarrassing situation whenever they try to use the heavy leaf blowers that they can hardly handle. The heavier the leaf blower is, the more strain you need to use while working. Always choose a leaf blower that you can easily work with it, even though it is less powerful than other blowers.

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