Battery Powered Blower

Battery Powered Blower Overview

A leaf blower is a gardening device used for gardening, landscaping and many other works. During certain seasons, you will definitely need one of these leaf blowers to clean up a yard full of leaves. If you are looking for the best leaf blower, a battery powered blower is highly recommended over gas blower because it has many advantages and does not create negative impact to our environment.

A battery powered blower, or a battery blower, is cordless and run by battery power. It comes in different size and weight which allows you to choose one that best suits your requirement. For instance, a medium size battery powered blower is very easy to use and lightweight. It is ideal for anyone who works for a longer period of time. You can get any of these quality battery powered blowers for a very affordable price as well.

Advantage of Cordless Blowers

As mentioned above, battery powered leaf blowers are generally cordless, and a common question asked is whether cordless leaf blowers are any good. The answer is yes. They are in fact the optimal choice to use in many situations.

Some may have told you that battery powered leaf blowers are not as good as a gas powered leaf blower or an electric corded leaf blower. However, this is definitely not true. If blowing power is your primary concern, more advanced battery power models have powerful batteries to generate over 400 CFMs of blowing power.

Gas powered leaf blowers are ideal for cleaning up large open areas like parks, stadium, etc. They are great for managing large gardens and yards where the cordless feature plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness. Gas powered leaf blowers have been around since forever, and they stay as a reliable tool for covering difficult and larger scaled jobs.

The average home users however do not require something so big and powerful to clean up smaller yards, sidewalks and gutters. A cordless battery powered leaf blowers would be quite enough to get the jobs done. Battery powered blowers are versatile and convenient, and are usually quite compact and lightweight. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use unlike gas powered blowers. Battery powered blowers are much quieter than gas powered blowers and have no emission which could pose dangers indoor.

Should You Choose a Battery Powered Blower?

The answer is depends. Technology has advanced to a point where the fundamental functionality is guaranteed across different types and models, what you should consider is which model is the most suitable option that is in line with your jobs? In the past, battery powered blowers have lacked endurance and strength for the job, but with the recent advancement in batteries such as lithium-ion batteries, battery powered blowers are able to generate enough power to get the job done.

Battery powered leaf blowers are perfect for home and workplace usage, and for both indoor and outdoor. They are light and very easy to operate. Unlike gas powered blowers, you do not have to hold the machine in one hand and start the motor by yanking the pull cord with another. So, even women can benefit from the battery powered options’ ease of use. Moreover, one of the key advantages of battery powered leaf blowers is that you are not limited to work around out places with electrical outlets. Thanks to the cordless feature, you can literally go as far as you can as long as the battery stays alive.

Features to Look for in a Battery Powered Blower

If you are set on buying a battery powered leaf blower, you want to make sure your chosen product provide consistent performance at the very least. This means you should choose a model with long lasting battery life to fully capitalize on the mobility of the machine. This also means that there will be no gas and oil mess; all you need to make sure is that the battery is fully functioning.

Your chosen leaf lower should also have variable speeds to help clean up wet leaves, debris, etc. as well. And to avoid being too tired after finishing the job, make sure to choose a leaf blower that is lightweight and easy to carry. If necessary, opt for a model that allows you to carry in as a backpack. Last but not least, make sure your chosen leaf blower is made of high quality material to ensure durability and longevity of the machine.

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