Battery Powered Leaf Blower

Pros and Cons of two types of leaf blower

Usually, customers choose from these two types of leaf blower – battery powered leaf blower and gas powered blower. A battery-powered leaf blower has more advantages than a gas leaf blower. Here is some useful comparison for customers to see why the battery powered leaf blowers is a better product to buy.

Battery powered leaf blower

● Easy to charge
In terms of charging efficiency and convenience, battery powered leaf blowers are much easier to use. When charging the leaf blower, simply attach the battery and press the charge button. There no need to worry about causing any mess since there is no oil or gas used during the charging process.

● Easy to maneuver
The special material makes the device light in weight and easy to maneuver. The handle is designed for an effortless grip. A cordless leaf blower is definitely a better option.

● Durability
The device is expected to stay with the customers for a long time. Considering that, the manufacturers have chosen an extremely durable material. With proper use, the product is able to last for a very long time without worrying about any mechanical issue.

● No odor and noise
For some, noise and smelly odor generated during the cleaning process is frustrating and annoying. Compare to gas powered leaf blower, batter powered leaf blower generates no harmful gas and emissions. It is clearly a better option for health and the environment.
Battery life
This is one of the biggest downsides when buying a batter powered leaf blower. Battery life is always a concern for customers to buy a new leaf blower, or other battery charged tools. However, since the battery technology has made a tremendous process in recent years, customers may find it surprising since the lifespan of the product is longer than imagination. The biggest downside to a battery-powered leaf blower is the same as it is for any other tool – you have to worry about battery life. That said, battery-powered tool technology has come a long way. You might be surprised by the durability of it. 

Gas powered leaf blower

● Strong blow
This type of leaf blower usually provides stronger blowing power. The strength of the gas power leaf blower is not what battery powered leaf blower can ever provide. However, the cost of power can be huge. 

● Costly maintenance
The models require thoroughly maintenance to guarantee it functions properly. When mixing oil and fuel, users must be careful with the formula. If the fuel is not properly handled, it may greatly hurt the model and cause damages to the device.

● Not reliable
Temperature is a fierce enemy to gas powered leaf blower. It is because when it is too cold, the motor may fail to function. Also, the recoil starters of this type of device are tricky. New users sometimes find it hard to activate the motor.

● Fuel storage
Besides the machine itself, the storage of it fuel is another tricky problem. Users must find the right containers to store the fuel at a safe place. If users don’t use a gas powered blower for quite some time, the fuel in the tank must be drained to avoid any potential issues with the motor.

● Noise and gas emission
The noise comes along with the powerful blow. Since the time of using a leaf blower can be long, the noise may hurt the hearing system. If the fuel is not burnt completely throughout the use, the emission can be poisonous. Leaf blower with battery charged option has no such problems.

How to choose the most suitable device?

For customers, there are different things to consider when buying a cordless leaf blower. Sometimes it is troublesome and hard to figure out which kind is the most valuable. Here are some information for customers:

● Capacity of battery
The size of the yard has a lot to do with battery capacity. Usually, the more power is needed, the faster the battery needs to be charged.

● Understanding the concept of CFM
CFM is one of the important criteria to consider when choosing a leaf blower. CFM is the abbreviation of “cubic feet per minute.” It can be used as the measurement to see the volume of air the leaf blower can produce.
Under 200 CFMs: leaf blowers at this level do not have a powerful blow. They are mostly used for cleaning a smaller area, such as patios, driveways, and gutters.
200 – 350 CFMs: It has a slightly stronger blow. For small yards or sidewalks, this could be a desirable option.
350 – 450 CFMs: For medium-sized yards, a leaf blower with 350-450 CFMs is a suitable choice.
450 CFMs above: Blowers at this level provides a very powerful and fast blow. It can clean large areas.

● Weight
Battery powered leaf blower is lightweight compared to gas powered option. The weight makes the maneuver easier. The cleaning process is less difficult for those have difficulty operating a heavy device.

● Noise level
If users don’t feel like to bother neighbors while using a leaf blower, battery powered leaf blower is the best option. With sufficient power, the variable speed never causes noise and remains silent all the time. This is a must-have feature for all cordless leaf blower.

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