Blowers Fans Guide

What are blower fans?

Blower fans are also known as centrifugal fans or simply called them blowers. Whenever you need a continuous flow of air or gas, a blower fan can be a great helper. They are often used as industrial fans. Blower fans belong to a class of machines called turbomachines. How do turbomachines work? Turbomachines can transfer energy between a rotating shaft and a fluid. The fluid can be a liquid, such as water, or a gas like stream or air. The turbines transfer energy from the fluid to the shaft. And blowers, fans transfer energy from the shaft to the fluid.

Common uses for blowers fans

Blower fans can be found in air conveyor systems, on cooling and drying systems. Moreover, blower fans are often used for industrial process to transport gas or materials. And air pollution control systems also need blower fans for they are really good at dust control. There are some other usages of blower fans, such as gas boosting, filter flushing, and sewage aerations. They can also be seen inside air conditioning units or hair dryers.

Benefits of blower fans

Due to their simple design, centrifugal blowers have become popular choices for many manufacturers. Below are four benefits offered by blower fans. For starters, blower fans are extremely durable. They are so durable that their operation will not be affected by any kind of environment. Even being used in the most erosive environments, these blower fans can still operate properly.

Blower fans are also very versatile and can handle all kinds of different airflow conditions. They can be cleaned easily as they are typically made out of lighter materials, so it is never a problem to maintain blower fans, Moreover, you can find them in a variety of different sizes, so it is also not a problem to find places to put them. For the reason that they can often be placed in tight spaces where they will be able to do their job and keep the air in your business clean.

Types of Blower fans 

Blower fan come in four basic fan types, each with its own specific purpose.

Radial bladed blowers

The first type is radial bladed blowers. They are high-pressure fans with medium airflow. Radial bladed fans are best for industrial applications where there is dust, or in environments where there is gas or moisture in the air. 

Forward curved blowers

They are also known as 'squirrel cage' fans because the wheel type used in this fan is of squirrel cage wheel. The impeller has forward blades which are relatively smaller, curved in direction of wheel rotation. 

Backward inclined blowers

Backward inclined blowers are medium pressure, high airflow fans. These fans produce highest operating speeds and are more efficient than the other types of centrifugal fans. They are best for cleaning air, ventilating and exhaust applications. Backward curve bladed fans are high-pressure, high flow, and high efficiency fans. Power reduces as flow increases over the most efficient area of the system.

Airfoil blade blowers

Airfoil blade blowers have hollow backward inclined blades that are suitable to handle large volumes of clean air at low to moderate static pressures. Airfoil blade blowers produce the best efficiency and run at greater speed than the backward inclined fans. As they can handle large volumes of air, these fans are extensively and commonly used in forced and induced draft fans that are suitable for broad operating ranges in industrial applications, HVAC systems, air pollution control, drying and filtration, and other industrial processes.

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