Cordless Leaf Blower

What is a cordless leaf blower?

For house owners, cleaning fallen leaves, debris, and dirt is always a big problem. A leaf blower can surely help you clean the backyard. However, some leaf blowers are not suitable for you. A gas-powered blower takes too much of your time to maintain, and a corded leaf blower is limited and suitable for a small yard because of the cord length limitation. Therefore, a cordless leaf blower becomes the best option for you.

However, since there are many similar cordless leaf blowers on the market, buying the one that best suits you can become an issue. You don’t need to worry now. Here is the most comprehensive information for you when picking a cordless leaf blower. For more information, please continue to read the following content.

Different types of leaf blowers: Pros and Cons

Leaf blowers can be divided by how they are powered, including the top three types, which are gas-powered leaf blower, corded leaf blower, and cordless leaf blower. Here are the pros and cons of all of these leaf blowers.

● Gas-powered leaf blower

1. It has a stronger power compared to other types of leaf blowers. With better efficiency and powerful blower, most buyers use a gas-powered leaf blower to deal with bigger yards.

2. Since the structure of a gas-powered leaf blower is simple, the lifetime of a gas-powered leaf blower can be prolonged. That is to say, with proper maintenance, the durability of the device is longer than you think.  

3. It provides variable speed options, which enables users to deal with a different situation. Wet dirt, fallen leaves, or debris can be cast out from your yard with ease. Simply push the speed button on your machine, you can adjust and choose different work mode.

1. The maintenance of the device can be very difficult, even it is important. Gas-powered leaf blowers must be tuned up every three months. The process can be annoying since not every house owner uses a gas-powered leaf blower.

2. The storage of fuel is another issue. Storing excessive fuel can be very dangerous in some situations. Customers may have concerns about the storage of fuel.

3. The sound when it is running can be very annoying. Your neighbors may complain about the noise.

● Corded leaf blower

1. A corded leaf blower is plugged into a standard outlet. That means the power is never an issue for the users. 

2. It is lightweight since there is no battery or gas tank. Therefore, users feel comfortable when carrying it on the shoulder.

1. The movement can be limited by the length of the cord. For house owners with bigger yards, it may be less convenient. Also, buyers have to pay attention to the cord to avoid ripping off.

2. With a fragile backpack, a corded leaf is harder to maintain. The price of a corded leaf blower is also higher with a backpack.

● Cordless leaf blower

1. It gives users more mobility since it is not powered by a standard outlet. When blowing away leaves and debris, users can freely move around.

2. It is silent and environmental friendly. It does not emit any waste during the blowing process.

3. It has a variable-speed drive that fits different situations. For example, if you want to clean your pathway, turn your cordless leaf blower to level 1 option. It gives just enough blowing power to help you finish the task with efficiency. Adopting different speed option makes the device work better under long run time.

4. The lithium ions generated during the cleaning process also help to improve air quality.

1. Since it is equipped with a battery, the weight of a cordless leaf blower is usually heavier than the other two. Luckily, as technology develops, modern batteries of cordless leaf blowers are less than 500 grams. It enhances mobility to another level. The user experience becomes better as well.

2. The volume of the backpack ranges from only 10–30 liters. If a user wants to have a bigger collecting bag, there are other additional options to choose from. They do not add extra weight since the backpacks are all made of special fibers, which is lightweight yet sturdy.

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