Gas Leaf Blower

Gas Leaf Blower Overview

Trees are beautiful, but can shed a ton of leaves during certain seasons. A gas leaf blower, also known as the gas blower, is a handy gardening tool used to clean up the mess. Powered by gasoline motor, a gas blower can blow air out of a nozzle to move leaves and grass cuttings. Gas leaf blowers can either be held in hands, or mounted on the back using a backpack. Larger models can even rest on wheels which are called the “walk behind leaf blowers” because they have to be pushed by hands to be operated. Generally speaking, leaf blowers can be classified into two categories: gas blower and electric blower. In this article, gas blower will specifically be addressed and how we should choose one.

Types of Gas Leaf Blowers

To help you with the selection of gas leaf blowers, you should first have a general idea of what are they different types of gas leaf blowers available to you. The following show the three common types of gas-powered leaf blowers:

● Handheld Gas Leaf Blower:
Handheld gas leaf blowers are very convenient and easy to operate. You can easily carry one anywhere, and it does not require a charge. The engine can be started by yanking a pull-cord, and a periodic tune-up is required. Most handheld gas leaf blowers weigh around 10 pounds. Even though handheld gas leaf blowers are designed to be a lot quieter now, they still make loud noise during operation. So it is advised to always wear hearing protection while operating a gas leaf blower. The majority of handheld gas leaf blowers have two-stroke engines, which require the mixing of fuel and oil. The more advanced models however use four-stroke engines which do not entail the same requirement.

● Backpack Gas Leaf Blower:
Gas-powered backpack leaf blower typically have stronger blowing power than the handheld models. The majority of them weigh more than almost twice as much) handheld gas leaf blowers as well. Despite the heavier weight, your back and shoulder should be able to support the weight rather than your arms and hands. Just like the handheld models, they are relatively noisier than electric leaf blowers. A backpack gas leaf blower is slightly more expensive than handheld a gas leaf blower.

● Wheeled Gas Leaf Blower:
If you have a large yard to manage, a wheeled gas leaf blower is perfect for you. However, wheeled gas leaf blowers can’t vacuum or shed and require about 7 to 10 feet of storage space. Despite the wheeled design, it is actually not that easy to maneuver or push a wheeled gas blower because it typically weighs more than 100 pounds. The job gets harder if your working area does not happen to be flat surface. They are also very costly and noisy comparing to other counterparts as well.

Should You Choose a Gas Blower or Electric Blower?

Speed, convenience and budget should be your primary concern whether you opt for a gas or electric leaf blower.

In the handheld category, gas-powered leaf blowers are still the speediest option to clear a yard full of leaves. Electric-powered handheld blowers on the other hand have to stick to a yard less than 100 feet, but are power enough to complete larger scaled jobs. Moreover, handheld gas leaf blowers weigh and cost more than electric-powered handheld blowers. They also make relatively more noise and require constant fueling. Electric-powered gas blowers, despite offer less power, are very light.

Electric-powered leaf blowers generally do not include a backpack model, thus suffers from the added convenience and mobility that a backpack gas blower would have been able to provide. Backpack gas leaf blowers offer superb power and transfer weight from your arms to your shoulder and back for better support.

In terms of application, electric-powered gas blowers are preferred by those with smaller yards and do not use the tool often. Although having a limited length cord is sometimes a hassle, an electric-powered gas blower is no doubt easier to maintain and may be less costly in the long run. Nevertheless, gas leaf blowers are not limited by cord length. They can cover a larger work area and run for as long as necessary until a fuel refill is required. Therefore, if you have a bigger yard to manage and efficiency is your primary concern, a gas-powered leaf blower should be the way to go. Also, they are available in more models and power range.

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