Vacuum For Leaves

What is a vacuum or leaves?

A vacuum for leaves, also known as leaf vacuum or leaf blower vacuum, is one type of the gardening tools, which is used to sweep leaves away on the yards, porches, patios, and decks and keep them tidy and clean. In addition to blow out leaves, a vacuum for leaves can also vacuum the leaves that is gathered by the blowing function, or mulching on the soil to maintain the condition of it.

Before the vacuums for leaves come up in our lives, it was an annoying thing for us to clean up the leaves that come from the trees in autumns by holding a broom on the one hand, and sweep the leaves on the other hand. If you are facing a large yard or other area, eliminating the leaves by manual force not only takes time but also works with low efficiency. Therefore, a vacuum for leaves appears to be the best assistance when we are cleaning the leaves.

A vacuum for leaves consists of a base where the power comes out from with a handle for the user to hold onto, one or more nozzles for different need, including blowing, vacuuming, or mulching, a collection bag, either directly attached to the base or as a backpack, some of them are reusable, while others are disposable.

How to choose the most suitable vacuum for leaves?

● volume of leaves
With different models of vacuums for leaves, the volume of leaves they are able to blow out vary from their source of power or the capacity of collection bag. The first thing you need to consider when choosing a vacuum for leaves is the volume of leaves. If you need to clean up a large area, a vacuum for leaves that needs regular charging is not suitable for you. If a small yard of leaves is required to clean, a vacuum of leaves with relatively lower durability doesn’t matter.

● source of power
The vacuums for leaves can be powered by different sources, including cordless, electric, or gas powered. A cordless vacuum for leaves stands out with its portability, while it has relatively lower runtime as its battery powered. An electric vacuum for leaves can keep the power for a long time, but there is limitation of the space of cleaning it can cover because it requires a cord to transfer the power. A gas powered is able to cover a large area of cleaning, while it is relatively noisy to the user itself or the surrounding people.

● weights
When using a vacuum for leaves, the user has to hold the device for quite a long time by hands, so the weight of the vacuum for leaves may influence the efficiency of the cleaning. Of course, how much time it takes should first consider the area that the leaves cover. If the space of the cleaning area is fixed, you can think about whether a lightweight vacuum for leaves with shorter runtime or a heavy-duty one with longer runtime is better for you.

● equipped nozzles
Depending on the design of the vacuums for leaves, the equipped nozzles vary from one to another. You can consider what the area you are going to clean has. If you simply need to sweep the leaves away, then you would need a nozzle with a flat end. While if the dirt or debris should be cleaned up together, the vacuum for leaves is supposed to equipped with a nozzle with a round end.

● personal need
Most of vacuums for leaves are used to sweep leaves away, while others are equipped with vacuuming and mulching functions. However, some criticisms talk about whether the function of vacuuming is required or not. After blowing the leaves and gathering them into the collection bag, the leaves would be spilled out again to be mulched. Some people think that the procedure of vacuuming the leaves is excessive, while others think that it would be efficient for a small yard. Thus, you should choose the most suitable vacuum for leaves depending on your personal need.

Types of vacuums for leaves

● handheld
Handheld vacuums for leaves can usually tackle most of the jobs since they are lightweight and easy to control. They are powered by one of the three ways, cordless, electric or gas powered. Among them, gas powered vacuums for leaves are the most powerful to clean up the leaves and dirt fast and efficient. Most of gas-powered vacuums for leaves aren’t equipped with vacuuming and mulching functions because they don’t work well on them.

● backpack
Backpack vacuums for leaves are the lifesaver for those who need to clean up the yards or other larger areas for a long time, since the users can wear them on their backs, the weights are on their backs and shoulders instead of their arms. However, backpack vacuums for leaves cost more than handheld ones. If you are using a backpack vacuum for leaves with gas powered, you would feel even noisier because the device is closer to your ears comparing to handheld vacuums for leaves.

● wheeled
Wheeled vacuums for leaves provide the ultimate power than handheld or backpack vacuums for leaves, thus, they cost the most, too. They are heavy but can cover a large area. Also, wheeled vacuums for leaves take up more space for storage. So, compare the functions of these three types of vacuums for leaves, and choose what is best suited to your need.

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