Chucks Tools

In conventional machine tool composition, hydraulic chuck and cylinder is one of the most important components for the machine tool machining process. Machine tool components and parts are a huge market in the industry and in Taiwan the export volume shares a large quantity that is not less than the export market of the machine tool sector, contributing a large number to the economy.

The inventory of machine tool components are a very large category, such as casted parts, spindles, motors, servo equipment, saddle, locknut, shells, hydraulic cylinders, chucks, claw, precision screws, tailstock, tools and holders, power turret, chip conveyor, belt unit, safety cover, controller, handle, display screen, just to name a few.

The chuck item will hold the material in place while it is being worked on. It can do this one of two ways: ferro-magnetic pieces are held in place by a magnetic chuck, while non-ferro-magnetic and non-metallic pieces are held in place by vacuum or mechanical methods.

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