Chuck Adaptors Guide

A chuck adaptor is also called a drill bit chuck adaptor. It is essentially a device that is used to clamp a drill bit and mount the drill bit onto a rotary hammer. The diameter of the drill bit a regular chuck adaptor can handle ranges from 1.5 mm to 13 mm. That being said, drill bits with larger diameter can still work with a chuck adaptor given that the drill bits have a smaller base. When a drill bit is clamped by a chuck adaptor, it can be mounted onto a rotary hammer and the rotary hammer is hence converted into a drill driver. When the rotary hammer is not set to perform a drilling operation, the drill bit can be removed from the rotary hammer.

Rotary Hammer

A rotary hammer is a power hand tool that has a hammer only mode with no rotation. In most cases, there is a SDS chuck adaptor on the rotary hammer for hammering. Rotary hammers are also called rotary hammer drills. They produce a pounding force so that they can blast through materials. Inside a rotary hammer, there is a piston that rides in a cylinder to create air pressure when driven forward. The air pressure drives the hammer mechanism and hence provides impact energy. Most rotary hammers have three modes: drill mode, hammer drill mode, and hammer mode. The chuck adaptor is required to mount or to remove a drill bit so that the machine can perform each of the operations accordingly.

Anatomy of Chuck Adaptor

Generally speaking, a chuck adaptor has three major components that are assembled into one and they are the chuck, the SDS adaptor, and a key. The chuck is typically a compact three jaw chuck that is about the size of a gold ball. The open and close of the jaws are controlled manually by the ring on the perimeter. The adaptor is a threaded arbor which is attached to the chuck with a screw. The screw is tightened counter clockwise. This design allows the drill bit to automatically retighten to the adaptor when it is in use. The key is used to tighten the hold of the drill bit.

Keyless Chuck Adaptor

The keyless chuck adaptor is the chuck adaptor that only consists of the SDS adaptor and the chuck. There is usually a key hole on the outer ring of a chuck adaptor. When a drill bit is placed into the adaptor, the drill bit is locked and held in place by screwing with the key. On the other hand, with a keyless chuck adaptor, the drill bit is clamped and tightened by spinning the outer ring of the adaptor. This way, the use of the chuck adaptor becomes more convenient.

SDS Drill

An SDS drill is a type of drill that can adapt to a standard drill and a standard hammer drill. Just like other types of drills, the SDS drills are used mainly to perform drilling operations on materials. Yet, they combine the rotary motion of a standard drill with the hammering capability which makes them more efficient and effective. The SDS drills apply the hammering action through a hammer mechanism in the chuck adaptor; therefore, the SDS drill bits can move back and forth within the chuck.

SDS is the acronym for slotted drive system. It is sometimes referred to as a slotted drive shaft or special direct system depending on the brand. Regardless of the terms, it refers to the approach that the SDS chuck and SDS drill bits work together so as to produce the additional force and torque required to drill through materials such as concrete, stone, metal or other materials. The application of SDS drill is ideal for masonry but it can be utilized in basically any work setting where both drilling and hammering are needed.

SDS Plus & SDS Max

The term SDS plus can be used interchangeably with SDS. They are usually referred to as the same type of drilling tool. On the other hand, SDS max drills work with drill bits in larger sizes. The SDS max drills are used mostly in heavy duty operations for more challenging materials. Due to the power output the SDS max drilling tools have, they are also used in demolition operations too. Otherwise, these SDS drilling tools are actually not much different from each other.

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