Circular Permanent Magnetic Chuck Guide

What is a Circular Permanent Magnetic Chuck?

A circular permanent magnetic chuck is a type of chuck tool that use ceramic magnets as a foundation to maximizing the gripping force and ease of release. The device is mostly made up of steel plates. The concentric ring in the device is used to achieve maximum resistance to coolant, as well as ensuring maximum accuracy and stability during the machining process. 

The circular permanent magnet chuck is in fact renowned for its superb stability, capable of holding the work piece in place firmly. Ease release can also be achieved with the help of removable handles built into the device. That said, chucks in the market encompass a wide variety of different types and models – how to go about choosing the best one may not be so simple. Refer to the rest of the article for more elaborated information about the circular permanent magnetic chuck.

Some of the core features of the circular permanent magnetic chuck include:

1. It acts as a work holding device for surface grinding machines.
2. It has a separate coil for each pole.
3. Magnetic flux is generated as the pole being introduced.
4. A finely adjusted pitch can help the holding work on thin or small objects.
5. The Max gripping power can reach as high as 170 lbs per square inch.

How Does a Circular Permanent Magnetic Chuck Work?

The magnetic force of the circular permanent magnetic chuck is what holds a work piece in place. The mechanisms work by inducing magnetic polarity into the ferrous work material, enabling the magnetic connections to build within the chuck. Because of the electromagnetic power, a work piece induces flux when it is placed across the poles of the magnet. And since the ferrous components have poles, the opposite polarity attracts each other. When applying magnetic force on the work piece, users have to focus on amplifying and controlling the induced flux.

If users want to increase the gripping force, strength of the pulling of the tool needs to be amplified by placing the work piece closer to the magnet. For work pieces with smoother surfaces, they can be held more tightly compared to those of rougher surface. The strength of the magnetic attraction increases as the amount of magnetic flux gradually develops into the work piece.

Advantages of Circular Permanent Magnetic Chuck

One benefit of the circular permanent magnetic chuck is that there is no heat generated during the work, hence there is no risk of deformation and the life of the device and components involved can be prolonged. The other advantage is that during the use of the tool, the level of danger can be minimized since the design of the tool has gone through a million tests. Also, since no heat is generated, the working plate will be a lot less susceptible to overheating. Higher gripping power is what circular permanent magnetic chucks is most known for. As previously mentioned, the gripping power of the tools can go as high as 170 to 180 pounds per square inch. Compared to a traditional permanent magnetic chuck, the holding power of a circular permanent magnetic chuck is almost 8 times larger.

Specifications of Circular Permanent Magnetic Chuck

When selecting an expensive tool like this, it would be best for buyers to consider the specification of these products. Here are some of the things you should consider:

1. The geometry determines the number of work pieces that can fit onto the chuck.

  • Round chucks: They are used for applications that require the work piece to be rotated during machining


  • Rectangular/square chucks: Because of its supreme ability to hold multiple work pieces, theses circular permanent magnetic chucks are most often used in various applications.

2. Holding force (or gripping force) defines the force that holds the work piece to the chuck.

3. When replacing, designing, or buying a new machine, the compatibility of the new device with existing equipment or tools is important. If the new devices do not work along with the machine, the value will be wasted.


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