Drill Chuck

What is drill chuck used for?

A chuck is a tool that is specialized for clamping and holding workpieces. Usually, the shape of drill chucks is radial symmetry. In drills and mills, a drill chuck can hold the rotating tool. In lathes, it can hold the rotating objects.

To see more information about drill chucks, please read the following content. The most efficient chuck is here. The next two paragraphs are going to explain how a drill chuck work and different types of drill chucks.

How does a drill chuck work?

First, insert the workpiece into the chuck, then rotate a threaded screw to make the jaws tightened. The screw threads are on an angled surface, and so are the threads on the backs of the jaw pieces. If users want to use the screw to move tapered surface to the thicker spot, he/she can simply make it happen by turning the screw to the right. If users want to tighten the chuck by hand, the operating process is easy as well. It can be done with a simple twist to the internal screw tightly to the right as much as possible.

For chuck keys, they can help when the chuck is loosened since the object is being pressured with too much torque when the drilling is working. Here is how it works: By inserting the end of the chuck key into a hole on the side of the chuck, two gear rings, one on top of the internal screw and the other on the chuck key, interlock with each other. By doing this, a greater torque will be applied to the internal screw, which can further tighten it. The effect is surely better than by using hand alone.

Types of drill chucks and their features

Basically, there are two types of drill chucks, which are keyed chuck, which requires a key to operate, and Keyless chuck. Besides, there are several types of drill chuck that is specialized for other drilling purposes. This paragraph is also going to talk about their features.

1.Keyed Chucks
For this kind of drill chucks, keyed chucks are adjustable, but a key is required to be inserted into the side of the chucks before anything can happen. By turning clockwise or counter-clockwise, there will be different effects and functions.

2.Super Ball-Bearing Keyed Chucks
They are equipped with small ball bearings. The function of ball bearings is to reduce the friction and, at the same time, allows the drill chuck to grip the workpieces with a more effectively and more smoothly. Usually, users apply super ball-bearing keyed chucks when it comes to heavy-duty work, such as in industrial settings.

3.Plain Bearing Keyed Chucks
For this kind of drill chucks, the design is way much simpler than the previous one, super ball-bearing chucks. The all-in-one design includes gearing and sleeves, which makes the whole set more durable and efficient. However, unlike super ball-bearing keyed chucks, plain bearing keyed chucks are not recommended to use in heavy-duty work. Usually, this type of drill chucks is appropriate for medium-duty work.

4.Light-Duty Keyed Chucks
For private or personal use, light-duty keyed chucks become the most popular types of the drill chuck. They are mostly for users to handle and operate with a bare hand.

5.Stainless Steel Keyed Chucks
If a drilling work is required to operate under a sterilized environment, stainless steel keyed chucks are the best choice. Mostly, it can be seen in places like hospitals, dentists’ clinics, and food preparation.

6.Keyless Chucks
Keyless chucks can provide more tightening force when it is needed. That is to say, they can self-tightening. For drill chucks like these, they can only be turned clockwise. Basically, all keyless chucks are designed in the same way, but with different levels of duty, they have a different degree of durability. Of course, stainless steel keyless chuck is an option for customers.

7.Precision Keyless Chucks
For holding and smaller drill objects in place, precision keyless chucks tend to be the first choice for users. In the high-accuracy industry, such as high-end technology, the bio-chemical industry, or the chip-making industry, precision keyless chucks are commonly used.

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