Fine Pole Magnetic Chuck Guide

What is the fine pole magnetic chuck?

The fine pole magnetic chucks refer to the magnetic chucks that are equipped with the fine pole. In addition to the fine pole magnetic chucks, there are magnetic chucks with standard poles. The way they work as well as the application of these two types of magnetic chucks are similar; the major difference between them is the parts or the work pieces they are designed to clamp.

Generally speaking, a magnetic chuck is a type of work holding systems in modern lathe machining; what the work holding system do in lathe machining is that it clamps or holds the work pieces in position by specific mechanism so that the pieces can be further worked. When the work pieces are held firmly and securely, they can be drilled, milled, grinded or taken under other machining processes. Different types of work holding system allow different machining operations.

How does the magnetic chuck clamp?

Typically, the scroll chucks secure the work pieces by clamping them with multiple jaws on the faceplate; for example, there are 3-jaw chucks, 4-jaw chucks, and 6-jaw chucks. Yet, instead of holding the work pieces by literally grasping them, the magnetic chucks create magnetic fields and poles to attract the metal work pieces. There are base plate and surface plate of a magnetic chuck without any jaws on the surface plate. The scroll chucks are best at securing cubic work pieces or lumps while the magnetic chucks are excellent in holding flat or sheet-like work pieces.

The magnetic chucks, whether it is a fine pole magnetic chuck or a standard pole chuck, are very useful to secure work pieces for milling and grinding operations. However, to drill the work pieces on a magnetic chuck should be very careful because the drills may penetrate through the surface plate if the operation is not precisely controlled.

As mentioned, there is a surface plate on a magnetic chuck to place the work pieces; the surface plate is also called the top plate. One major limit to the magnetic chucks is that any irregularity of rough surfaces between the work piece and the top plate can compromise the clamping force. The surfaces of the work pieces as well as the top surface of the magnetic chucks are required to be as smooth as possible to prevent the sudden loss of clamping force because the magnetic field cannot penetrate through those irregularities evenly.

If the magnetic chuck loses holds of the work piece while operating machining works, there can be dangerous consequences. The control of the magnetic force should be precise; it needs to be strong enough to secure the work pieces without interfering in the work of other machines. The other obvious limit to the magnetic chucks is that it can only work with metal work pieces.

The types of magnetic chucks

The two main types of the magnetic chucks are the fine pole magnetic chucks and the standard pole magnetic chucks. The pole refers to the switch-like handle to turn on or turn off the machine in order to secure or to release holds of the work pieces. The pole also refers to the south pole and the north pole in the magnetic fields that the magnetic chuck generates. With the standard pole magnetic chucks, the force is stronger than the fine pole chucks and it allows the chuck to clamp heavier or bigger work pieces.

On the other hand, the fine pole magnetic chucks are used for holding small or thin work pieces in light-duty applications. The magnetic poles are closer together than those of standard poles. In some modern designs, there are pole pitches on the top plate of a magnetic chuck. The pole pitches offer more efficient clamping to the work pieces. The parallel fine pole pitches design allows the fine pole magnetic chuck to clamp the work pieces that scale down to the millimeter level. In other words, fine pole magnetic chucks are able to secure parts with the size smaller than 1 cm; some models are even able to handle work pieces smaller than 1 mm with the fine pole pitches design.

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