Magnetic Pen Guide

What is a magnetic pen?

A magnetic pen is a type of magnetic pick-up tool that is used to retrieve small objects, which range from small ferrous chips that are produced during the machining works to the tools that are made as smaller sizes, in various circumstances, such as for cleaning or looking for the lost objects.

As the name implies, the magnetic pen is made as a pen-like tool that is specialized in picking up smaller or finer things, which are hard-to-reach with the bare hands. In contrast, there are also the larger forms of the magnetic pick-up tools, which work following the same principle but for different targets. 

In the metal working fields, the metal workpieces are supposed to be machined with different techniques like drilling, boring, facing, or turning, etc, which are fulfilled with the removal of materials. As these materials are removed, the removed materials are called chips, which can be presented as strips or even small like powders.

Most of these chips can be cleaned with the assistance of a kind of vacuum cleaner, which is especially used for cleaning up the chips by sucking and collecting them directly from the working sites in the industrial fields. However, there are still some remaining pieces that may be left behind in the slots or corners of the machine, which makes them hard to be cleaned with the vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to the invention of the magnetic pens, to remove the chips that are made of ferrous metals is no longer a difficult task. With the magnetic pens, not only the chips that remain on the machines can be easily removed, but the removal of the chips can also prevent the malfunctioning of the machines due to the blockage of these objects.

What are the features of a magnetic pen?

Compact design
As far as we know, the magnetic pen is made as a pen-like tool, which is a long and thin object. The compact design of this tool not only allows the ease of storage, but also makes it be capable of reaching the relatively narrower sites such as the corners of a machine when it is necessary to clean the machine.

In addition to the thin body of the magnetic pen, there is another feature that enhances this tool’s ability to achieve the hard-to-reach areas, which is the extendibility of it.

Since it is extendable, when it is not in use or used for the areas that are close to the surfaces of the machine, it can be applied with the original length. When it is necessary to clean the deeper areas, it can be easily extended and reach the required places and complete the task.

● Versatile
The magnetic pen is usually made of permanent magnet, which owns strong magnetism. Despite of the fact that it is small like a pen, the strong magnetism of this tool still allows it to pick up not only the chips of the removed materials, but also other objects like tools, nuts, or bolts, to name a few, and this proves the versatility that this tool has.

● Compatible with LED light
Since the magnetic pen is mainly used for reaching the deep and narrow areas, in order to clean the material chips or looking for the lost objects, these areas must be hard to see due to darkness. 

Therefore, some models of the magnetic pens are even equipped with the LED lights, which allows for the illumination when it is necessary to use this tool in the dark areas.

● Suitable for ferrous metals
As the magnetic pen picks up object with the magnetism it has, it is only suitable for things that are made of ferrous metals. In contrast, if the industries are specialized in machining wood works, this tool cannot play the same function as for the ferrous metals, which shows the only limitation of this useful tool.

What are the benefits of using a magnetic pick-up tool?

Ease of clean up
In addition to the magnetic pens, there are many other magnetic pick-up tools that are made of different sizes and forms. The one directly visible benefit of adopting these products is the ease of clean up, since they allow the operators to collect the small or fine objects by simply putting this tool close to the areas that are supposed to be cleaned.

● Prolongs the lifespan of machine
In the long term, if the chips that are produced during the machining works can be collected and cleaned with the magnetic pen, the lifespan of the applied machines can be prolonged. As there would no longer be the blockage, which are the remaining chips, the malfunctioning of the machines can be prevented as well, and thus eliminate the frequent repairing of the machines or the replacing of the components.

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