Magnetic Sine Chuck

What is magnetic sine chuck?

A permanent magnetic sine chuck has extremely powerful magnet chucks. It is also equipped with stationary magnets in the top plate along with a movable magnet core. The holding power of the magnetic sine chuck is magnificent. The average power provided by the sine plates can be up to 110 pounds per square inch, which is nearly 2 times greater than a traditional chuck.

In the metalworking industry, magnetic sine chuck applies electromagnetic, electro-permanent, and permanent magnetic materials to help the work of clamping and unclamping of the target components. It saves time and protects the products that are under process.

Usually, the use of the components of the magnetic plates is variable. Also, most of the chucks are compatible with each other. It gives flexibility and convenience to the customers in a factory or working places. It has become a commonly seen tool metalworking industry. The mechanisms allow the processing work to be done much easier.

How do magnetic chucks work?

The devices are like boxes that are rectangular, or sometimes circular. The top surface is usually flat and smooth with a few control buttons or keys inserted on their side. Inside the workholder, a series of components that are placed or arranged to increase the pulling strength, or the “flux”, of the device. Usually, the designer arranges the inserts (the components) in parallel to theoretically maximized the flux. This is to make the chuck secure any materials placed on the device.

Three types of magnetic sine chucks

Most of the time, the magnetic sine chucks are available in different designs, which include permanent, electrically activated, and electric-permanent magnets. Here is a brief introduction to these three types of chucks.

1.Permanent sine chucks:
For the permanent magnetic sine chucks, it is the best choice on the mission of holing lighter objects or material. It requires no power to activate, that is why it has a “permanent” in its name.

During the operating phase, the user can activate the whole system (not the chuck) with a key. When it slides into an insert of the device, the alignment of the conductive material built inside the device will be turned on. That is to say, the whole setting can be turned on/off with a simple action.

However, the permanent insert is limited and suitable for a smaller scale of objects since the holding power is limited as well. For larger devices, it would take too much physical power to lift, handle, fix, or place them.

2.Electrically-activated sine chucks:
Unlike the previous device, they are not switched on and off by a key. Instead, the activation relies on an electrical switch that allows a great current to provide the gripping power required in the working site.

Generally, this kind of device can provide a stronger power. However, it also requires a constant supply or source of power to function without stopping. If power is interrupted or disconnected, the holder will cease immediately, which can possibly cause a hazardous safety issue. Thus, with the implementation of such devices, backup power options are required.

3.Electric-permanent sine chucks
The design of the device combines the advantages of the previous two devices. It a hybrid product that provides the benefits of the two. It is usually more powerful. It can be switched on/off with an electrical switch. However, the price is usually higher than the two above.

What are the advantages of magnetic sine chucks?

When dealing with shaping, turning, drilling, or grinding work, the magnetic sine chuck allows the work to be done more smoothly and more precisely. Different from mechanical clamping, the device provides a gripping power that is constant and stable enough for the heavy duty.

The sine plates are accountable since the mechanism is easy to understand. It has only “turn on” and “turn off,” which is allows users to easily understand. The smart design actually makes the whole process safer and more secure. On the entire body of the target, the chucks provide an equal amount of pressure. In this way, there is no need to worry about if the object will fall or not; the item itself can be safe and prevented from any chance of being damaged.

In the milling process of cutting or shaping., the chucks provide full and strong support that reduces physical feedback to the object itself, which makes the whole working process faster and more precise.

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