Power Chucks

As one of the most important components in the machine tool industry, in turning, the power chuck is a specially designed power clamping device for work pieces with radial symmetry, especially cylindrical metal materials.
Power chucks can also be used for drilling and milling tasks, for holding rotating tools. For certain tasks (such as the drilling process), an additional chuck can be installed on the non-rotating tailstock.

Jaws of power chuck

Many power chucks have symmetrically arranged jaws. The jaws are tightened to fix the tool or work piece. The chuck key can be used to tighten or loosen the jaws. However, many jawed chucks are keyless, and their tightening and loosening can only be done manually, which can also be very accurate for experienced operators.
The keyless design provides faster and easier clamping and loosening, but at the same time, this design has a lower clamping force.
In the lathe mechanism, the power chuck is installed on the rotating spindle in the spindle housing. The power chuck and cylinder system work together to perform the clamping force, and the combination of the two determines the final accuracy of the work piece.

Usually, lathes are divided into two main types according to the way of clamping the work piece. That is, vertical lathes and horizontal lathes. In the vertical lathe, the work piece is clamped vertically, so the cutting tools are installed in the same direction, so that the machining is performed vertically. Compared with the horizontal lathe, this way of clamping is more secure and fixed due to the effect of gravity. Vertical lathes are often used in industries with large-sized work pieces, such as the automotive industry, aerospace industry, and sports equipment.
With the vertical clamping mechanism, the spindle of the vertical lathe is also located behind the chuck. The spindles may be a belt or other driving modes. Like machining centers, lathes can also be equipped with power tools and tool magazines to improve their functionality.
In Taiwan, spindles, chucks, and hydraulic cylinders are widely developed. In response to the needs of intelligent manufacturing, the development of power chucks has brought higher production efficiency to industrial manufacturing.


Chucks and Cylinders

Clamping metal work pieces requires both a solid chuck and an excellent cylinder.
Today, the power chuck is a technology jointly developed by many manufacturers, aiming to bring the highest efficiency to industrial manufacturing. With the development trend of Industry 4.0, the power chuck has become more functional and high-performance in the industry, supporting any processing process of the manufacturing plant.

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