Rotary Cylinder

Rotary cylinders are a large volume inventory, and some of the popular types are rotary air cylinders, with the pneumatic force as the driving power to activate the rotary cylinders and the rotary cylinder NC rotary units.

This type of cylindrical objects is simple in structure but useful in application. Many of the pneumatic rotary cylinders are integrated with the controlling system as rotary cylinder NC rotary units that are light in weight and the vane model is small in size. The compact design and the structural assembly make the rotary cylinders very versatile and flexible in the working fields.

Angles and other Specifications of Rotary Cylinders

The operation angles of rotary cylinders very from model to model. There are a wide variety of rotary cylinders’ angle degrees, such as ninety degree, one hundred and eighty degree, and two hundred and seventy degree. These three angle options are the most commonly used ones. For industrial users with special requests, they may purchase angle adjustment mechanisms in order to conduct some micro scale angle adjustment works for their custom needs. Furthermore, there are some other automatic controlling systems prepared for buyers to use. The system includes some optional sensor fixed sears with sensors so that once they are connected to the control system; they can be integrated into the whole controlling mechanism to work together with the entire body. Some other rotary cylinders are designed with radial bearings that support the rotary platform with two sets o radial bearings, so they are easy to install.

The bore size ranges from 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 63, 80, to 100, offering a wide fieldwork usages for users with long axis plane or long axis keyways. The swing angles are mainly three, i.e. ninety degree, one hundred and eighty degree, and two hundred and seventy degree. Normally the pressure range (KGF/CM2) is a range from 1.5 to 7, depending on the working circumstances. 

Rotary Cylinders with Double Outputs 

For the rotary cylinders with double output forces, the toothed row rotary cylinders are special. When the piston on both sides are activated as presses at the identical timing, it can generate double output of forces and the gear gap can be eliminated by the working mechanism. Together with the optional absorbers, the optional hydraulic absorbers can help reduce the force of the torque impacts, which is a big help to the whole system.

Regarding the automation issue, the inductive magnets of the automated control of the double output series is designed inside, and this design can be utilized to control with the precision sensors, realizing real automation control of these rotary cylinders and make the whole operation even more integrated. Some other variations can withstand large loads with the external adjustment mechanism, and the gear shaft can be protected from the collapsing effect because of the excessive torque forces. And their optional hydraulic absorbers can help reduce the forces of the torque impact effects. 

Rotary Cylinders with Three Positions

For three position rotary cylinders, the pneumatic feature makes it distinct from other variants. The three position stop can increase the stop mechanism in the middle part, which would increase the stop position between eighty degree and one hundred degree, so they can make the three position stop action to be with zero and one hundred and eighty degree. For this specific type of rotary cylinders, the automation control is realized by the inductive magnets built inside the device, which can be applied to control with the sensors.

Besides this rotary cylinder model, there are still other rotary cylinders that are not introduced in this section, but the overall device functionalities are similar to each other and the application fields are basically the same. Some absorbers are of air pressure while some other may be hydraulic based. Each one is with different strong phases compared to each other and the applications are all dependent to the real time utilizations.

For instance, some rotary cylinders may have multiple styles that have shafts which are available in a variety of styles regarding the many detail features, so they are easy to be installed by the onsite operators. Inductive magnets are the commonly seen automation accessories that can help to adjust the whole entire rotary cylinders to in the same pace with the working operation so that the coordination can be simultaneous and the integrated operation can make the whole thing perfect.

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