Self Centering Chuck

The shape

There are so many shapes in the world, circle, square, rectangular, triangle, and oval. All these shapes come with their very own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the triangle is the strongest structure of the world. But there is another shape that provokes even more wonder, the circle. The circle is truly a natural masterpiece. You can put an infinite string inside the circle, and the never end Pi number never ceased to surprise the scientists. All these shapes are later on turned into the tool. We use the square or the rectangular structure to build the house. The triangle for the roof. There are also a lot of tools which are cylindrical. However, these special shapes have created some problems for some equipment. The machines found it hard to grip tightly at the tools which are cylindrical. Fortunately, we have invented a tool for this situation, self-centering chuck. 


Before we go on and talk about the self-centering chuck, we have to first understand what chucks are. The chuck is a specialized device which is used to hold on the object, like a clamp. The chuck is often used to hold objects which are with rotational symmetry, like a cylinder. In places like the drill or the mill, the chuck is used to grasp the rotating tool. If used on the equipment such as a lathe, it will hold on the rotating work piece. Within every chuck are equipped with the part called jaws, which is used to grab on the tool or work piece. These jaws are arranged in a pattern, typically in a radially symmetrical way which resemble the points of the star. In order to adjust the tightness of the jaws, a wrench liked device called the chuck key can be is also possible to adjust the tightness of the jaws by hand force. When attached to some types of lathes, some chuck possesses the jaws which can move independently. This will in turn allow them to grasp the objects which have the irregular shape. The more complex the design a chuck has, the more special function it will get. For example, the jaws can be specially designed, and the number of jaws can also be increased. If not utilize the jaws, the chuck can also adapt the method such as magnetism, vacuum, or collets to grip on the tool.

Self-centering chuck 

Now that we know what are the chucks, we can now discuss the self-centering chuck. The self-centering chuck is sometimes also referred to as the three-jaw universal chuck or the scroll chuck. It is used to grip on the work pieces which come with the shape of round or hexagonal. The self-centering chuck is the type of chuck which is capable of achieving high accuracy. Such accuracy is achieved because the self-centering chuck has the ability to move simultaneously when adjusted by the chuck wrench. The self-centering chuck can be made into various sizes, ranging from 1/8 inch to 16 inches in diameter. The self-centering chucks usually come with two sets of jaws, one is meant for the outside chucking and the other is meant for the inside chucking. If required, the self- centering chucks can also be fitted with 2 jaws, 3 jaws, 4 jaws, or 6 jaws. The numbers of the jaws are dependent on the needs of the operator and the type of work. The 4 jaws or 6 jaws chucks can provide the self-centering chuck a better holding force on the tool or the work piece. If the situation of the deformation of the thin walled material is to be avoided, it is better to use the 4 jaws or the 6 jaws to grab on the work piece. 

Other types of chuck

There are a lot of types of chuck, and each of them comes with its own and unique abilities. Let’s discuss the other two types of chuck below. 

● The independent chuck
An independent chuck is a type of chuck that does not require a scroll to operate. Independent jaws can help the operator to function in more control and precise way. Though the independent chuck does require a longer setup time to make sure the piece properly grips. 

● Collect chuck
When it comes to high precision and accuracy, the collet chuck is the type of chuck to be utilized. It has the ability to hold on to pieces which come with different shapes, such as round, square, or hexagon shaped work pieces.

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