Super Thin Chuck Guide

What is super thin chuck?

A super thin chuck is a type of the scroll chucks. It looks highly alike to other types of scroll chucks such as three jaw chucks, four jaw chucks and the square chucks. All these types of chucks are served as one of the most powerful work holding systems in lathe machining. The work holding systems refer to the devices that apply certain mechanisms to secure an object in position for lathe machining works. The work holding mechanism of the devices can be clamping, vacuuming, magnetics or other measures. The objects to be secured are called work pieces and the lathe machining works include a variety of milling, filing, drilling, or cutting.

The super thin chucks are similar to the other types of scroll chucks in many ways. In fact, it is fair to take the super thin chucks as the derivatives of other chucks in the scroll chuck family. The major difference between a super thin chuck and its counterparts is that a super thin chuck is made into a compact size. The super thin chuck can be a three jaw chuck, it can be a four jaw chuck, and it can be a square chuck as well. Each of the scroll chucks has their own distinctions and advantages; a super thin chuck of each type provides more advantages on top of those already-existing ones to make the chuck more powerful.

The basic structure of a chuck

The basic structure of a universal chuck is quite simple. It consists of two parts: the jaws and the body. The body of a chuck is called a faceplate. The faceplate comes in with two major designs: the round faceplate and the square faceplate. Typically, the three jaw chucks are made with a round faceplate and the square chucks and six jaw chucks are made with a square faceplate while the four jaw chucks and the super thin chucks can cope with both designs. The faceplate, no matter it is round or square, contains screw holes and t-slots. If it is a round plate, there is usually a hollow center in the middle of the plate. The screw holes are for the plates to mount to the lathe spindle. Sometimes there will be flange around the plate for fast mounting. The t-slots look like the key hole; the movement of the jaws is regulated by the t-slots.

The jaws in a work holding device can be called dogs. In a scroll chuck, the dogs contain two pieces: the top jaws and the bottom jaws. The top jaws are the part to clamp the work pieces and the bottom jaws control the movement underneath the faceplate. The two pieces are linked through the t-slot so that the top jaws can open or close when the bottom jaws are tightened or loosened. In a three jaw chucks, the bottom jaws underneath the faceplate are interlocked to each other in order for the jaws to move in unison; this design is called self-centering and it allows faster response to the movement control. On the other hand, the jaws on a four jaw chuck or a square chuck are independent and each of them can open or close to different levels. As for the super thin chucks, they have round plate models with self-centering design as well as square plate models with independent jaws.

What makes a super thin chuck stand out?

Generally speaking, the circular faceplate design of a scroll chuck allows more turning mobility as it was originally made for bowl turning works while the square plate design emphasizes more on the clamping stability and X, Y, Z axis movements. The three jaw chucks are useful for clamping circular or hexagonal cross-sections while the four jaw chucks are best for securing blocks of square shapes or octagon shapes. The super thin chucks, with its minimized size, are able to preserve the features and further provide more possibility to the chucks. The super thin round chucks significantly increase the W axis mobility, the rotation movement, while the super thin square chucks increase the Z axis movement. The compact size of them also offers longer allowable distance for works which enables better drilling, milling, grinding, or measuring to the lathe. The advancement of the super thin chuck indeed lift the modern lathe machining to a higher level.

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