Tapping Chuck

What is a tapping chuck?

In a machine, tapping chucks, also known as tapping holder or more taper holder, is designed to assist tapping to cut threads. When dealing with tapping, the problems faced at this stage are mainly tapped breakage and stripping of threads on the exit of a tap. 

The breakage of tap is probably one of the most expensive and frustrating problems in the drilling industry. However, the problem is now overcome by the use of tapping chucks. Usually, overload in a hole is the leading factor in tap breakage. Also, when the tap is suddenly stopped or reversed out of the hole during the milling or drilling process, tap breakage will happen because the tool was drawn away.

To see more information about this hand tool, make sure to read the following content. The following chapters include different types of tapping chucks and the features of tapping chucks. 

The features of tapping chuck

1. Working and cycling time can be reduced. It can be achieved by eliminating the spindles of the machine.
2. Typically, the life of tapping chuck is longer. The reason is that the tapping chuck allows the cutting process to optimized the running speed at a constant and continuous level. The result leads to no deceleration needed during the process and improved thread quality.
3. Since the tapping chuck is the only operation that requires machine reversal, the strain can be eliminated by using a constant speed tapping head.
4. The energy cost can be significantly reduced by nearly 75%.
5. It is affordable and cost-efficient for most of the working place and companies.

Types of tapping chuck

Tapping chucks come in four main types, including reversible tapping chucks, non-reversible tapping chucks, quick change drill tapping chucks, and safe tapping chucks. 

The following content is going to explain the functions and the advantages of the four types of tapping chucks.

● Reversible Tapping Attachments

The tapping chucks with reversible tapping attachments have the following advantages:
a. On all vertical drilling machines, the reversible tapping chucks can work. They are also available for those with rotating non-reversing spindles. For right and left hand, reversible tapping chucks are also suitable.
b. Pre-select torque drive to prevent tap breakage and allow for blind hole tapping Forward & reverse ball drive
c. Additional arbors are available and usable.
d. The function of fast tap reversal allows re-entry cushioning to eliminate cross threading
e. The control of depth can be accurately done.
f. The tapping chucks allow quick change.
g. The reversible tapping attachments are available in a wide range of sizes and weights.

● Non-Reversing Tapping chucks 

a. The non-reversing tapping chucks provide tension, compression, and compensation during the drilling process.
b. The design of the safety ball clutch is for continuing bottoming of tap for right-hand and left-hand operation
c. The attachments can be changed quickly
d. Non-reversing tapping chucks are available in a wide range of sizes and weights.

● Quick Change Tapping Chucks

a. It allows the tap adaptors to be changed quickly. The main functions of quick-change tapping chuck to insert, push the adaptors into the chuck. 
b. They can also and to eject the knurled sleeve of the chuck and push it backward.
c. This tapping chuck also ensures the precision of thread. 
d. The safety clutch is adjustable with minimum torque. After the disengagement of the working set, the tapping chuck can protect it against tap breakage. 
e. Quick change tapping chucks are available in a wide range of sizes and weights.

● Tapping Chucks with Piper Safetap

a. In all types of material, the design of the safetap tapping chucks enables the efficient tapping of holes from a wide range (from 2mm-42mm).
b. The compatibility is high. The safetap tapping chucks can fit to any drilling machine. They can perform all tapping operations with quickness and high accuracy. 
c. If the clutch is correctly adjusted, the risk of facing tap breakage can be prevented.
d. It allows quick change of attachments.
e. Tapping chucks with piper safetap are available in a wide range of size and weight.

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