Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders

Tie rod hydraulic cylinders are cylinders that are held together by four or even more threaded tie bolts which run the length of the entire cylinder tube as planned. Regarding these bolts, they hold the base plate and head together as designed. Tie rod cylinders are more common in the market of the USA and usually feature static seals to prevent the leakage issues between the barrel and the end cap interface from happening. 

To be precise, tie rod hydraulic cylinders, also known as linear hydraulic motors, are mechanical actuators that are utilized to offer unidirectional force through one unidirectional stroke. The applications of hydraulic cylinders are very broad spectrum, especially in the construction equipment application such as engineering vehicles, civil engineering, etc. With hydraulic power, the strength can be very firm and efficient.


Hydraulic Cylinders

Tie rod hydraulic cylinders belong to the common inventory of hydraulic cylinders. In normal circumstances, a hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical actuator device that is utilized to provide a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. Hydraulic cylinders have a wide array of applications, especially in manufacturing machinery such as turning machines, construction equipment such as excavators, as well as civil engineering. 

In the machine tool industry, chucks and hydraulic cylinders are some of the most prevalent tools that are installed alongside headstocks and gearboxes. They are often used to provide a constant and powerful clamping force to the work piece. Inventory of machine tool components are a very large category, such as casted parts, spindles, motors, servo equipment, saddle, locknut, shells, hydraulic cylinders, claw, precision screws, chucks, tailstock, tools and holders, power turret, chip conveyor, controller, belt unit, safety cover, controller, handle, power turre, display screen, etc. The chucks and cylinders are in a pair and the paired item will hold the workpiece material in place while it is being worked on. With the tie rod feature, the operation is further specified. 

Tie Rod as an Added Feature

Tie rod is an added feature of the hydraulic cylinder objects, and this type of hydraulic cylinders are cylinders that are held together with the help of four or even more threaded tie bolts. Those bolts are planned to run the length of the entire cylinder tube by the structure. Regarding these bolts parts, they hold the base plate firmly, and they head together as are designed by the engineers. More specifically, tie rod cylinders are more common in the American market due to several industrial reasons. This type of hydraulic cylinders often feature static seals in order to prevent the leakage problems between the barrel and the end cap interface, as this is often recognized as a serious technical issue. The design of the tie rod features grants high strength and the threaded steel rods and the nuts can hold square or rectangular end caps to each end of the cylinder barrels.

On the other hand, if it is welded hydraulic cylinders, then there are no tie rods. Instead of the situation, the barrel is welded directly to the end cap objects, and the ports are then welded to the barrel items. The objects such as barrels are critical to the whole cylinder process operation, so how and where the barrels are dealt with affect the following operation. With the tie rods design, the overall strengths are further reinforced and enhanced. 

Therefore, the cylinders of the turning machines can complete the intended tasks using two methods: Ferro-magnetic pieces are held in place using a magnetic chuck, while non-metallic and non-ferro-magnetic pieces are held in place using vacuum or mechanical methods. The cylinder often offers the hydraulic power to clamp the workpiece objects firmly to ensure the working mechanism not being interrupted by some unstable and dangerous issues from happening. 

With that said, chucks and cylinders can also be applied to slotted machines. The work pieces being slotted are normally held by a chuck which is mounted vertically just like a vertical turning machine.With specific respect to conventional machine tools, hydraulic chucks and hydraulic cylinders are the most crucial components machining process for machine tools. Machine tool parts and components constitute a critical market in the industry. In Taiwan, the export volume is no less than the export market in the machine tool sector, translating to a significant supplement to the state of national economics.

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