Wire EDM Clamp

Wire EDM clamp is the clamping system of EDM machines, which can also be termed as wire EDM clamping system. Wire EDM is one of the EDM technologies that use metal wires to process cutting. In the metal working industry, EDM stands for electrical discharge machining, which is also known as spark machining, spark eroding, burning, die sinking, wire burning or wire erosion. It is a manufacturing process by which a targeted shape is acquired by using electrical discharges which normally cause sparks. So in some areas, CNC wire EDM machines are capable of accomplishing many different tasks. That being said, the application of wire EDM machines largely depends on the machining requirements.

Clamping System Based on CNC Wire EDM Process

Clamping systems should be handled discretely by professional experts no matter what before the entire operation begins, be it an EDM machine or other metal machining devices. They all need to be checked before the machine operation. During the machining of CNC wire EDM machines, unwanted materials are removed from the work piece by a series of rapidly recurring current generated by the wire EDM machines. Among the components of the CNC wire EDM machines, one of the electrodes is called the tool-electrode, and the other is called the work piece-electrode. The machining process of CNC wire EDM machines is determined by the tool and work piece which would not make actual contact points during the cutting process. 

Wire EDM vs. Drilling EDM

EDM is a general term that refers to the EDM method. There are several types of EDM processing nowadays and many of them are largely adopted in the manufacturing of household appliances, filter nets, 3C electric consumables, and other smaller sized work pieces. Besides wire EDM, drilling EDM is also common too. Drilling process made by conventional drilling tools may cause many chip issues and the overheat problems that are always the key issues that obstacles the wanted precision and quality standard. 

History of Wire EDM in the Industry 

During the cold war, technology advancements make great progress in a lot of phases. The most significant leap during the time might be the Apollo project that brought astronauts to the moon. At that time, on the opposite of the USA, there were also many technological innovations, such as the Tokamak. EDM, on the same time, is another great innovation by the USSR scientists. 

The whole story of wire EDM machine dates back to the late 1960s in the 20th century for the purpose of making tools and dies from hardened steel. The earliest numerical controlled (NC) machine tools were conversions of punched-tape vertical milling machines. The first commercially available NC machinery built as a NC wire EDM machine was manufactured in the USSR in Russia during the era of late 1960s in which the processing of aerospace, military and defense, automotive were growing in an active step. Equipment that could follow lines optically on a master drawing were developed by David H. Dulebohn's group in the 1960s at Andrew Engineering Company – a maker of milling and grinding machines. Later, master drawings were then produced by computer numerical controlled plotters for greater accuracy and precision, and most of all, the critical repeatability. 

CNC Drawing Plotter

The clamp system for EDM is very precise and accurate. CNC wire EDM machines using the CNC drawing plotter and optic line follower technology was produced in the early 1970s. Afterwards, Dulebohn later used an identical plotter CNC program to control the EDM machine directly for operation, and the first CNC EDM machine was made in the era of the 1970s.

After the invention, it is the issue about when to make those scientific works into profits. Commercial CNC wire EDM capability and its applications have advanced substantially during the recent decades due to the progress in the technology. Furthermore, feed rates for CNC wire EDM machines have been increased significantly and the surface finish can be finely well controlled. A well controlled wire EDM machine can be operated with ease by onsite operators, and compared with NC and manual wire EDM machines, CNC wire EDM machines are much better regarding the convenience of the EDM machines and that is why it is so widely adopted. 

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