What Is Demagnetizer?

When processing any kind of metals that might be magnetize, the spins and orbits of electrons would in some level turn the products into a magnet.

However, sometimes it would trouble the artisans to use magnetized metal elements.

Thus, demagnetizer was introduced to demagnetize the metal elements that were accidently turned into magnets. Then, let them back to their original features.

In the contrary, some metals are naturally ferromagnetic. However, in some reasons, we need them to be non-magnetized. In that situation, demagnetizer would also be used.

What Can Demagnetizer Do?

The nuisance of undesired magnetism has led to the development of demagnetizers.

While magnetizers make things into magnets, demagnetizer take away the magnetism and give the feature back to those magnetized elements.

Demagnetizers are often used in industries and repairing watches and gauges.

When used in factories, demagnetizers can help to demagnetize things that do not need magnetism such as the machine tool and the products it makes.

Why Use A Demagnetizer?

Magnetism brings our lives convenience, also, it gives us some troubles.

For example, magnetic tools like magnetic screwdriver is a very useful tool that you do not need to worry about the accidently loss of the screws. The magnetic screwdriver will hold the screw tightly with its magnetism.

However, when it happens on objects that should not be magnetic, it might cause troubles.

Below are some examples that should be demagnetized:

● Drills on Machine Tools
When the drill on a machine tool being magnetized, the drill would be influenced by the magnetic field and might not work well. In results, products it makes have a high percentage to with bad quality.

Moreover, this kind of accidently formed magnetic field is not firm, which means the magnetic poles can appear in anywhere. Once when the opposite poles meet, it would bounce out and cause some damage on machines or even on the artisans.

Therefore, with safety consideration, it is suggested to check the machine tools regularly and demagnetize in order to protect the property and employees.

● Watches
As we know and expect, watches should be accurate.

However, when the watch is put near electronic products, it would be magnetized easily. Once the watch is magnetized, it would be faster or slower than it should be. In other words, the accuracy would be largely influence and cause many inconveniences to our daily lives.

This is why the clerks in watch stores would tell the customers to keep watches away from anything such as electronic products and magnets that might magnetize the watch.

In the contrary, there are examples that should not be demagnetized:

● Recording Tapes
There is a long stripe inside the recording tapes. This is where the tape store information.

● Credit Cards
For a long time, we are told that credit cards or any cards with magnetic stripe should not be put with cellphones.

However, this is not true. In fact, smartphones do not contain that level of magnetic field to demagnetize cards.

The only thing that will demagnetize credit cards is magnets. Therefore, keep your credit cards away from it, your cards would be safe.

Types of Demagnetizer

Tunnel Demagnetizer
This type of demagnetizer is made like a tunnel. It is usually designed as a rectangle frame with a conveyor. The magnetized metal would be put on the conveyor. When it passes through the frame, it would be demagnetized.

● Plate Demagnetizer
The plate demagnetizer is a flat surface that used to demagnetizer unexpectedly magnetized metals. It mainly demagnetizer the metals by guiding electromagnets from its iron core to the plate. Thus, the magnetized metal on the surface would be demagnetized.

● Handy Demagnetizer
The handy demagnetizer is designed according to the concept of plate demagnetizer.

While tunnel demagnetizer and plate demagnetizer are as big as machine tools, handy demagnetizer is much smaller that it can be hold easily by an adult.

Inside the handy demagnetizer, there are two U-shaped iron cores and four coils.

When doing demagnetization, it would be slide throughout the surface of the elements that need to be demagnetized. Then, the element would be demagnetized easily.

How Does Demagnetizers Work?

To produce magnetism, the domains, the element which responsible to produce magnetism, should be arranged in a certain order. That means they should line in instead of settle everywhere randomly.

Once they are put in order, there will be a strong link between each domain, then result in magnetism.

Inspired from the concept of magnetize, demagnetizers use electromagnets to generate intense, high frequency AC magnetic fields to reach the goal of disorder the domain order.

When contact to this magnetic fields, the magnetic fields on the things that are unexpectedly magnetized would be rearranged randomly. Then, the domain would lose links between each other.

Through the method, the unexpected magnetic fields would be reduced because they have almost been repealed by implication. Thus, the metal will back to its nature features and be able to use again.

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