Die Grinder

What is a Die Grinder?

Die grinder is a kind of hand tool that are widely used in many areas. They are used for grinding, sanding, honing, polishing, or machining material to make the surface smoother. The areas die grinders can polish are often not too big.

In the very beginning, die grinder was relied to do precise contours machining before the CNC machine was widely spread. Nowadays, even CNC machines are common in factories, die grinders are still required by artisans for more detailed machining.

It is widely used in industries, especially in automobile repairing industries. Also, since it can be used in various purposes, it is common in general families.

Moreover, die grinders are also being used by some sculptors.

Application of Die Grinders

The application of die grinders can be wide since it is a useful hand tool. Moreover, it is not hard to get. You can buy one from hardware stores or large markets near your house.

From the factory to the family, die grinders are your good helpers.

● Industrial Use
In the factories, die grinders helps a lot in the last stages of procedure.

Some of the products come from machines would need to be polished detailly and carefully when doing die works. In that situation, a die grinder would be a good choice because it can grind the surfaces of the products in any angles.

Moreover, die grinders are also a great helper when the products need to be deburring. Especially when the places that need to be deburring are round holes. In that situation, die grinder can perfectly get the work down with high accuracy.

Through this feature, the finished products would be more beautiful and exquisite.

● Automobile Related Industries
The automobile related industries can be considered the biggest market of die grinders. In these industries, briefly including manufacturing, repairing, and tuning, die grinders are widely used and can be various for different repairing uses.

In automobile repairing industries, they often need to grind or polish the surface of the “injured” cars, or other repairing works like drill little holes. These kinds of works would need accuracy. Thus, it is not suitable to use a tool that would grind or polish in a big range that might hurt the fine surface. As a better choice, workers in garages would use die grinders to do these detailed repairing works.

Beside garages do repairing works, die grinders are also popular in the manufacturing industries since they would need to polish the body parts to make them shinny.

When making a car, there are many complex processes to complete. Moreover, it is unavoidable to drill holes on the parts for assembling purpose.

Since materials used to make a car are metals, the holes cutters make might contain burrs or being very sharp that might affect negatively when assembling the parts.

In addition, the die grinders would be applied to make the edge of those holes smoother by deburring.

● Family Use
In some families, making furniture on their own is an interesting and common thing to do.

Beside tools we might think about like hammers, cutting tools, measuring tools and others, die grinders would also be used in the procedure.

When making furniture, people usually think about cutting and assembling all the necessary parts. However, since the edge of any material would be sharp and rough, polishing and grinding are also important process.

Through this working process of polishing and grinding, the home-made furniture would be more comfortable and looks prettier.

● Art Use
Die grinders could be used in sculpture.

Before the die grinders were introduced, sculptors refine their works from Idea model into a finished artwork all with their hands. It is a great work but usually takes too much time.

Therefore, after the die grinders are applied in art use, they suddenly being adopted and widely used by sculptors.

Types of Die Grinders

By method they powered by, die grinders can be divided into two types:

● Air Die Grinder
The air die grinder, also called pneumatic die grinder, is a kind of air tools. They are powered by air compressors, a kind of industrial equipment that convert power into potential energy.

There will be a very long rubber pipe connecting the air die grinder and the air compressor.

● Power Die Grinder
Since they are powered electricity, the power die grinders are also called electric die grinders. They are a member of power tools.

These kinds of die grinder can be divided into powered by electricity from a socket and powered by electricity stored in their battery.

There are some die grinders that are used in special applications:

● Micro Air Die Grinder
The millstone of micro air die grinder is smaller than general ones. They are mainly used in offering grinding works in small, or tiny, areas.

● Industrial Heavy Duty
This kind of die grinders have bigger millstone that are used to grind bigger places such as big holes on machine or auto parts.

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