Angle Grinder Dust Collector

Introduction of Angle Grinder Dust Collector

The angle grinder dust collector is one of the accessories designed for angle grinders. It can be various in sizes, briefly divided as universal size (under 5 inches) and 7 inches designs, to be suitable for different sizes or types of angle grinders.

This accessory is required to be used with the equipment with strong suction such as a vacuum cleaner. It is used to prevent dust extraction for the purpose of protecting the operators and keeping the working environment cleaner.

The cover part of the angle grinder dust collector is like a cover that is installed between the grinding wheel and the body of the grinder for the purpose of preventing the dust from flying everywhere because of the air flow in the environment. On the cover, there would be a hose linked to the vacuum cleaner so that it can immediately collect the dusts produced while working.

Usually, the collector would be the equipment with strong suction like a vacuum cleaner because it has the ability to suck the dusts in by the pipe on the cover part once the dusts are produced.

Combined with the dust preventing cover and the dust collector working together, the working environment can be kept cleaner and safer for the operators.

Types of Angle Grinder Dust Collector

Angle grinder dust collectors are generally divided into groups according to their sizes. Therefore, it is not easy to list them one by one.

Below are the common two types on the market:
Universal Designs
This is for angle grinders size of or under 5 inches. The most popular angle grinders are sized between 4 inches to 5 inches. Therefore, an angle grinder dust cover designed in 5 inches can basically fit on most angle grinders on the market now. That is why they are called universal mode.

7 inches Designs
Besides angle grinders which are sized under 5 inches, there are also some designed a little bit bigger, up to 7 inches. For these angle grinders, universal angle grinder dust collectors are not big enough to apply. Therefore, the dust collectors for bigger angle grinders were introduced to the market.

When choosing the angle grinder dust collector, it should be noticed that the size of the dust collector should not be smaller or too much bigger than the size of the grinder. Otherwise, it would not cover the grinding wheel and work with its function.

In other words, if the grinder is sized in 4 inches, it would be okay to apply a dust collector sized in 5 inches, but a 7 inches type would not be suggested because it is too big that the dust might fly out before it is sucked into the pipe.

Reasons of Using Angle Grinder Dust Collector

Angle grinder dust collector is a useful accessory when working with the angle grinders.

While using the grinders, it is unavoidable to produce dusts during the progression. These dust might be made of metals or something poisonous to the human body, it depends on what materials the workpieces are.

Besides the respiratory system, sometimes the dusts would damage the operator’s skin or even eyes.

Therefore, to prevent the possible damage, an angle grinder dust collector has been introduced.

Below are benefits of using this accessory while working with angle grinders:
Protecting the Operator from Dusts
When working with angle grinders, it is unavoidable to produce dusts during the progression. In common use, the dust would be blown everywhere if the dust collector is not applied. Under that situation, it is possible that people around the environment would breathe the dusts in while breathing.

If the dust is innocuous, it may cause sneezing or coughing for a short while. However, if the dust is unfortunately poisonous, it would hurt the contacting parts with the operator and damage his or her body to some level.

Keeping the Working Environment Cleaner
As we know, dust would fly everywhere in the working environment while using the grinders. Besides the possible damage to the human body, environment cleaning would be a hard task after the work is done.

However, with the help of the dust collector and the vacuum cleaner, the dusts produced while working would be put into the collector of the vacuum cleaner at the first and the operators would not need to clean the mass after they done the work.

Preventing Cutting Wounds
This is not the main function of the dust collector. However, when speaking to protection, the cover on the grinding wheel just gets the function.

Since the whole grinding wheels are covered by the cover part of the angle grinder dust collector, it is impossible for the operators to contact their fingers accidently onto the rotating grinding wheels. It would in some level make them feel safer while working.

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