Bench Grinder Dust Collector

What is a bench grinder dust collector?

A bench grinder dust collector is a device that is capable of accumulating the dust that is produced when the bench grinder is in operation. It is helpful equipment that keeps the working environment tidy and prevents the dust from becoming the hazard for the operators as well as the machine itself.

The bench grinder dust collector is a freestanding device that allows the bench grinder to be placed upon it, which means that when the bench grinder is operated, the dust collector can directly capture the dust under the machine. With the blocking of the large particles that exist in the dirty air through the filters inside the collector, the air that is sent to the atmosphere can be ensured clean without dust.

In the metalworking environments, where the raw materials are machined, no matter a small workshop or a large factory, there would be dust that is produced when the cutting tools and the workpieces come in contact with each other during operation. To clean the dust is not as east as to sweep the floor only, since this method can only clean what is visible.

However, in addition to the visible particles, when the metals are machined, there is also invisible dust that may be spray to the working environments. In order to deal with this problem, there are several choices of the dust collectors, which are specialized in clean the dust that cannot be seen with the bare eyes of the operators.

In most cases, the dust collectors are usually connected to the machines with hoses. As the hoses that are in combination with the vacuum system are placed close to the working sites, the dust can be sucked into the collectors, and the dirty air would be processed into clean air.

As for this type of dust collector, which is specially designed for the bench grinder, is different from others, since the positions of the machine and the collector is closer to each other, which facilitates the efficiency of the dust collection, and allows for the cleanliness of the working environments.

What is the importance of dust collection?

In the metalworking fields, dust collection is not as simple as sweeping the floor where large particles fall on. As far as we know, there is visible dust as well as invisible one. The invisible one is usually formed as the dirty air that might be sprayed into the atmosphere.

The dirty air here would then become the hazard for the operators and the machines themselves. The reasons are because that as the dirty air is breathed by the operators, the dust, which might contain some chemical substances, may block the respiratory system of the operators or even develop into diseases.

In addition, if the dust is stuck on the slots or corners of the machines, which are hard to be reached and cleaned, it may influence the functioning of the machines. When parts of the machines are damaged, the products that are made with the machines cannot be presented as what is expected, which may result in the lost of the manufacturers in the long run.

From these two aspects, we can know that dust collection is of significant importance when it comes to the health of the operators or the overall profits of the manufacturers. Therefore, adopting a bench grinder dust collector is a must for the industries that use the bench grinders.

How does a bench grinder dust collector form and how it works?

A bench grinder dust collector is a freestanding device that is comprised with several components, from the top to the bottom, including the grinder base, the hose ducts, the water trays, the on and off switches, and the filters.

● Grinder base
The grinder base is on the top of the bench grinder dust collector. As the name implies, it serves as the base of the bench grinder, which allows the grinder to be placed on when it is in use, and the dust to fall into the collector via the holes on the base.

● Hose ducts
The two hose ducts are used for connected the dust collector and the bench grinder with the hoses on the left and right parts at the back when the machine is operated.

● Water trays
Since there is not only dust but also heat that is produced when the cutting tools, which are the grinding wheels, and the workpieces come in contact with each other, the collector is equipped with water trays that provide coolant source for the working sites, in order to prevent the overheating of the machines as well as the workpieces.

● On/off switches
There are on and off switches on one side of the dust collector, which allows the operators to start or stop the dust collector.

● Filters
The filters are the main components that conduct the dust collection, including the pre-filter in the first layer and the main filter in the second. The pre-filter can collect most of the larger particles in the dust, and the left finer particles would then be captured by the main filter. After the dirty air has traveled through these filters, it is transformed into clean air and sent back to the atmosphere.

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