Table Saw Dust Collector

Dust collectors are the machine used to collect dust and chips that are generated during a machining operation. A machining process refers to a series of operations where parts of a given object are cut and removed. The removed parts are the chips that need to be collected. Typically speaking, the dust collectors are usually installed near the machining site such as the working table or sometimes attached directly to the machining tool so that the dust can be evacuated efficiently and promptly. Different types of machining centers require different types of dust collectors. A table saw dust collector is the collector that incorporates a table saw.

Table Saw Dust Collector

Table saw is essentially a power saw which cuts work pieces on a working table. When a table saw is operating, chips and dust are generated rapidly at the working area. With a table saw dust collector, the dust can be evacuated from the working site and collected into a receptacle. A table saw dust collector is also called a table saw dust collection system. The implementation of a system as such is necessary due to several causes. The dust collector helps to improve machining quality, maintain the working environment and assure the safety and health condition of the personnel and more.

Working Principle of a Table Saw Dust Collector

A table saw dust collector is essentially a vacuum machine. It usually comes in the style of a vacuum with a flexible tube that attaches to a port by the cutting wheel. When the vacuum is on, it gathers all the chips and dust by means of suctioning them from the port and collecting them through the tube into a receptacle. Depending on the amount of dust that is generated during the cutting operation, a heavy duty external vacuum with strong suction force can be adapted to better meet the requirements.

Improve Machining Quality

The first advantage of using a dust collector is that it improves the overall quality of the operation. In most machining processes, the evacuation of dust is essential. The accumulation of dust should be avoided because they are likely to cause negative results of a machining operation. The dust and chips around the machining site may lead to excessive wear of machining tools and burrs or footprints on the machined surfaces of a work piece. With a dust collector, these circumstances are less likely to happen and the working quality is thus improved.

Better Working Environment

The other advantage of applying a dust collection system is to maintain a clean working environment. Without a dust collection system, the dust that is generated during a machining operation spreads into the entire working environment freely. The cleaning of the dust is hassling and taxing since the dust is everywhere. The table saw dust collector can effectively collect most of the dust as a work piece is being cut. Therefore, the working environment is free from the contamination of the dust and cleaning after the sawing operation can be avoided.

Assure the Safety of Personnel

The prompt evacuation of dust is important at the working site not only because it saves the effort to clean the working place after work but also assure the safety and health of the personnel in the working environment. Though it is standardized that the operators put on a mask and goggles during the entire machining operation, there is still a chance the dust inhaled by the personnel or the chips entering the eyes of the operators. The dust is very harmful to people and they can lead to serious complications. As a result, the use of a table saw dust collector is a must.

Maintain Machine’s Performance

Sawing is an operation which generates dust rapidly. Without a dust collector to gather the chips, they spread into the environment and often accumulate in the joints or cavities on the machinery. The accumulation of dust in the machinery leads to excessive wear of the machining tools and malfunction of the machine. Therefore, frequent repair and replacement of parts are required to maintain the machine’s functionality and the general costs are thus increased. To this end, the dust collection system is rather crucial in maintaining the performance of the machine and reducing the costs.

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