Chuck Controller

What is a chuck controller?

A chuck controller, also known as an electromagnetic chuck controller, or an electro-permanent magnetic chuck controller, is applied for the magnetic chuck that is operated by the electrical power and the characteristic of magnets.

The chuck controller initiates as well as turns off the chuck with the switches on it, and is able to adjust the force that is given to the magnetic plate that holds the workpieces, which is a practical work holding device for the manufacturing processes.

When it comes to the work holding devices, the chucks are the choice that is widely applied in the machining work fields. These chucks provide the clamping forces that come in different forms to accommodate to different workpieces and circumstances.

One of the common forms is the jaw chucks, which utilize two to six jaws to secure and fasten the workpieces in the middle, and are capable of dealing with workpieces with shapes that range from square, round, or uneven objects.

While the jaw chuck is not the only one method to hold the workpieces in place, to provide the similar effects with easier supporting force, the magnetic chuck can be another reliable method to apply.

For some of the magnetic chucks that are operated with the electrical power, they would require the chuck controllers, which are in charge of the control of the offering and retracting, as well as the degree of the magnetic force to the works that these chucks serve for.

What types of magnetic chucks are there?

As the above paragraph has mentioned, some of the magnetic chucks utilize the electrical power to offer the magnetic force to the workpieces, while there are still others do the same thing but without the electrical power.

Therefore, to differentiate the variations between these chucks, we can separate them into three main types, including the permanent magnetic chucks, the electromagnetic chucks, and the electro-permanent magnetic chucks.

● permanent magnetic chucks

The permanent magnetic chucks hold the workpieces totally by the magnetic force that they have already had. The permanent chuck is made of a special alloy and presented as a plate, which sits within a carrier.

On the top of the permanent magnetic chuck where the workpieces are placed on, there are several poles that can be parallel, radial, concentric, or square, which generate high power that forms the polarity between the workpieces and the plate, so as to make the workpieces be attached on it.

Since this type of chuck doesn’t rely on the electrical power, they don’t require the electric power supply and the wires that the other types need, which make them easier to be operated and free from the deactivating of the magnetic force because of the power failure.

● electromagnetic chucks

As the name implies, the electromagnetic chucks depend on the electrical power to introduce the magnetic force on the plate to provide for the workpieces, in order to perform the same function as the permanent ones.

However, this type requires the electric power supply, which is provided through the cable that is connected to the electrical outlet. In addition, the electromagnetic chucks would apply the chuck controller, which is also attached to the magnetic plate with a cable.

● electro-permanent magnetic chucks

As for this type of chuck, they are the combination of the other two types, which also require to be connected with the chuck controller and electric power supply.

While these chucks are more sensitive to the slightly uneven shaped workpieces, and can withstand heavier works, which performs with better versatility than the permanent magnetic chucks.

How does a chuck controller work?

As far as we know, the chuck controller is used to serve for the electromagnetic chuck or the electro-permanent magnetic chuck, which is one of the components of these chucks.

In addition to the controller, these two types of chucks are comprised of a magnetic plate and two cables, and some of the models also provide an additional remote controller, which requires one more cable to be connected.

To set up the electromagnetic or electro-permanent magnetic chuck, the first thing is to connect the cables. One of them should be connected between the magnetic plate and the controller, another is between the controller and the electrical outlet, and the other, if there is, is between the controller and the remote controller.

Once the cables are all connected to where they should be, place the workpiece on the magnetic plate. Then initiate the chuck by pressing the switch on the controller. After a few seconds, the electrical power would be introduced to the magnetic plate, and drive the magnetic force to produce on the workpiece.

During the operation, the operator can also adjust the force with other switches on the chuck controller depending on the different requirements of the workpiece, in order to offer the optimal grip to the workpiece.

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