End Effector

End effectors are the end part of a series of robotic mechanisms that is responsible for the interaction with the environment. End effectors can also be termed as robot end effector, and there are many different types of end effectors in robotic science. In the conventional robot design, ordinary servo motors including both DC and AC motors are commonly adopted in the robotic science. Recently, the AC servo motors are also widely used because the control is getting easier than before, yet these motors can still handle a better torque force for the actions. 

The prices of servo motors are generally higher, so standard sensors installed are optical sensors with selected resolutions. With the introduction of the BLDC motor, now industrial robotic arms are able to move objects with heavier weights with great precision level while the cost is not as much as other alternative solutions. Therefore, many robotic arms utilized in the industry are installed with the brushless DC motors, granting the best optimal final output of the end quality for the production lines.


Multi Axis Robotic End Effectors

Multi axis robotic end effectors are the robotic devices that are designed with multiple axes installed unto the robotic arm shells of the automation system in order to conduct processing, relocations, transmission, and other complicated 6 axis actions that require precision positioning process. 

This type of end effector mechanical structure can be used to perform accurate relocations of the work pieces on the production lines for onsite workers to process the many following steps of their processing steps, or it can be utilized to cover even more steps that were once handled by human workers in the past time so that the whole procedures would be further improved and smoothed. 


End Effectors Utilized as Beverage Robot

Some end effectors are used as the robotic arms responsible for the production of fresh beverages. Beverage robot is the robot vending machine that helps suppliers selling beverages. The definition of robot is wide and has never been put into a fixed consensus, since the functionality of programmed autonomous is ever changing in history. People set beverage robots around parks, schools, amusement spaces all around to sell the beverages to the public and the market shares of those machines are changing based on the consumers’ feedback towards the drinking objects. Just like the days of manual turning machines, once the beverage robots were sold to people with the mechanical trigger and response mechanism, which could also achieve the vending goals by dropping the selected items after the consumers had inserted the stipulated number of coins and pressed the selection buttons on the vending machine models. 

Still, these types of mechanical vending machines were not reliable in many ways and consumers can get their wanted beverages even if they did not insert enough coins once if the machines mistakenly recognized the insertions. On the other side, many mechanical vending machines did not offer the selected beverages even if the consumers had inserted the stipulated coins due to many technical issues that happened all the time. In light of the above, the manufacturers of vending machines were required to send technicians to settle the arguments all the time as well as addressing the losses across the spots, and there were many expenses that also cannibalized the small profits gained by the technological problems of the machines.

Anthropomorphic End Effectors

Eventually, the once cold and slow motion vending machines are now designed and developed with more anthropomorphic essences and the outcome of them are likely to have more warmth to the consumers since the experience of buying a customized beverages from a vending machines is much more tailored based on the order requests made by the customers so that this B to C mechanism with robotic supports can offer a much more anthropomorphic forms to the market. According to the market orientation, whenever the vending machines are installed with the humane elements to offer consumers with convenient nature, the market feedbacks would go up and thus the sales of the beverages would be much expanded to the world, making a lot of people who want this specific beverage with a more scientific processing ways that can go systematic and hygiene at the same time, benefitting the customers.

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